hesitation on acceleration

Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by sinkit, May 12, 2005.

  1. sinkit

    sinkit Guest

    My Saturn is starting to hesitate mostly on acceleration. I not
    mechanically inclined and my husband is away. Is there a simple solution
    or do I take it to a shop.
    sinkit, May 12, 2005
  2. sinkit

    Bob Shuman Guest


    Basic information would increase the likelihood of a useful or informative
    response. Year, make, model, mileage, maintenance history, and a better
    description of "hesitate, as well as any other symptoms would be starters
    before venturing an "educated" guess.

    Bob Shuman, May 12, 2005
  3. sinkit

    The Real Tom Guest

    Please give more information make/model/year/mileage. Also, are there
    any other symptoms(shaking, noises, etc). Also do you have
    unnecessary loads in the car(truck full of spare tires, etc).

    Just a quick observation with my saturn/SL2/97/64k it is very peppy
    with only the driver. Add a passenger, slower. My wifey and I add up
    to some of my friends' individual weights,I can't imagine filing the
    car with them and see the car strain. Geez......


    tom @ www.WorkAtHomePlans.com
    The Real Tom, May 12, 2005
  4. sinkit

    Box134 Guest

    And, how long will your husband be away?
    Box134, May 13, 2005
  5. sinkit

    Roy Guest

    Sounds like the same problem my girlfriend, a friend and I all had with our
    Saturns (2X 98 SL1 and a 2000 SL1). The next time you fill up get put some
    Injector cleaner in with the full tank of gas. Then start buying premium gas
    (assuming you don't already, if you do maybe you should switch stations). It
    makes about $2.50 difference in the price of a tank and this problem should
    go away. You may have to g through a couple of tanks to get it cleaned up.
    Like I said it worked for all three of us. Mine started acting up three
    months after I got it used I switched to premium and it's been 2 and a half
    years with the hesitation not showing up again.
    There may be something else wrong but this is a fairly inexpensive thing to
    try first.
    Roy, May 13, 2005
  6. sinkit

    Napalm Heart Guest

    With a name like sinkit and your stating that your husband is away I
    have to ask, where are you? ;+)>
    Napalm Heart, May 14, 2005
  7. good advice.

    Then start
    waste of money

    (assuming you don't already, if you do maybe you
    possibly good idea

    unless you've done some significant internal engine work (shaved head,
    etc.), going to "premium" (higher octane) fuel is a total waste of money.
    If you've recently filled up with gas from a station you don't normally
    use, don't go back there.

    I usually put in a bottle of STP fuel system cleaner every other oil
    change. And if you have a '96, be sure to clean your throttle body once
    a year.
    Kevin M. Keller, May 14, 2005
  8. sinkit

    Roy Guest

    My girlfriend thought it was a waste of money too so she started using
    regular again and within two months her car was hesitating again. Went
    through the process again filling up with premium and her car has been
    working fine ever since.
    Curious why you say it is a waste of money.
    Roy, May 16, 2005
  9. sinkit

    Lane Guest

    Curious why you say it is a waste of money.

    Mainly because your owner's manual states that you should run the lower
    octane, as the engine is optimized for it. In addition, premium
    higher-octane fuel will only provide a performance or power benefit in a car
    whose computer is able to advance the timing to utilize it. S-Series
    Saturns do not have this ability.

    I've read somewhere that continual high-octane use may contribute to a
    higher rate of carbon build-up in the combustion chambers and on the valves.
    And by using it in a car that didn't need high octane fuel in the first
    place, eventually does make the car need it in order to run properly (due to
    that carbon build-up caused by it). I'm not sure how true this is. If
    anyone feels curious and finds any links to information on the subject,
    please post them here.

    Lane [ lane (at) evilplastic.com ]
    Lane, May 16, 2005
  10. What he said. Sorry - I've been busy recovering from the SPC's 1st race of
    the year with our ITA '94 SC2, and getting my car ready for a lapping day
    this weekend.
    Kevin M. Keller, May 19, 2005
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