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Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by Guest, Jun 5, 2007.

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    Guest Guest

    Here's the story...

    I have a '06 Vue (4cyl, 5spd) I bought in 11/05. I do a lot of driving and
    my wife talked me into an extended warranty for it (6yr/64K). I'm just
    approaching 36K now.

    The problem is that the dealer I bought the car and the extended warranty
    from closed (Saturn of Medford, NY) 8 months after I bought the car.
    Anyway, a new dealer just opened (Saturn of Smithtown) a bit further away
    and I'm having a grinding/rubber band noise out of the steering column when
    I turn the wheel in either direction and a slight whistle noise when I turn
    it to the left. No problem I thought, I'm covered. Well, the new Saturn
    dealer ran my VIN and told me that the extended warranty company Saturn of
    Medford had sold me is now also defunct and also out of business. So what
    does that mean to me? They told me basically that I'm screwed and the car
    is only covered to 36K.

    Does this sound legal to anyone? An Authorized Dealer of Saturn sold me an
    Authorized Extended warranty service THROUGH Saturn when I bought the car
    that I am still paying for in the form of a higher monthly bill/loan, and
    I'm being told "we're still taking the extra money because you agreed to it
    at the time of the sale, but you don't get the service" Since Saturn sold
    me the extended warranty, shouldn't they be responsible for picking up the
    warranty should something like the above happen?? If not, this is real

    Something is not right or fair about this.

    Guest, Jun 5, 2007
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    Steve Guest

    Hi, IYM,
    Sorry to hear of your problem.
    Have you contacted Saturn Customer Support to ask them about this? I forget the number but it should be in your
    owner's manual.
    Steve, Jun 5, 2007
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    marx404 Guest

    First, call your X-tended Warranty company yourself, cut out the middlemen
    and get the facts straight from them: What type of warranty you purchased,
    what exactly it covers and doesn't cover and dates & miles of coverage.
    Also, ask them if what you are trying to fix is covered.

    Second, if you are covered, go straight to the Service Manager or Store
    Manager and calmly explain your situation (remember, you attract more flies
    with honey). Explain to him that you have already called your extended
    warranty company and you should be covered (if such is the case).

    Third, if they still refuse to provide you with a viable solution, explain
    to the manager that you intend to call Saturn Customer Service and file a
    complaint against them. This is a last resort only and should resolve your
    problem hopefully. Saturn Extended Warranties are useable at any Saturn
    dealer and should be honored, that is unless you don't have a real Saturn
    Warranty somehow.
    marx404, Jun 5, 2007
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    Steve B. Guest

    If you bought the Saturn warranty it is honored at any Saturn
    dealership. If you bought a third party warranty and they no longer
    exist then you got "a big problem". If you buy an extended warranty
    always make sure you get the one from the manufacturer.

    Assuming this is a third party warranty:
    Keep in mind you didn't buy anything from Saturn. Saturn sold the car
    to a dealer who sold it to you. The dealers is an independent
    business and that is who you bought the car and warranty from.
    The dealer you bought the car from paid for the warranty at the time
    you bought the car. Saturn corporate wasn't involved in the
    transaction and didn't make any money off of it. They can't give your
    money back because they don't have it...

    A similar situation would be if you bought an HP printer from Office
    Depot with a third party warranty. If Office Depot and the third
    party warranty go out of business your are left holding the bag. HP
    will still fix your printer for you but you have to pay.

    This really sucks and it has to be causing more people than you grief.
    You might give your atty. general office a call and see if they are
    aware of anything regarding this situation.

    Steve B.
    Steve B., Jun 5, 2007
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    Guest Guest

    OK - I have a feeling it's a third party warranty, as when the new dealer
    checked, he ran the VIN and could tell me that it wasn't with Saturn itself.
    I'm really pissed because the original dealer never said anything about a
    third party. It's my fault I guess that I didn't look carefully at the name
    on the sheet when I signed, but when your buying, there's so much paperwork
    from different organizations (banks, etc) that I must have missed it.

    Now that said, what if the dealer was still in business but the warranty
    company was out? Is the dealer liable to do something? The reason I ask is
    that Saturn of Medford was owned by "DCH Auto Group", which owns a lot of
    dealers including 2 other Saturn dealers. Wonder if one of the other DCH
    owned Saturn dealers is liable to cover me....They always advertised "3
    Saturn locations", although the other 2 are nowhere near me. Guess I should
    start there....

    Guest, Jun 6, 2007
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