Help!! 98 SL1 not passing MIL check in smog test

Discussion in 'Saturn S-series' started by Jeff, Aug 21, 2006.

  1. Jeff

    Jeff Guest

    I have a 1998 SL1 SOHC that is not passing the "check engine light"
    portion of the CA smog test. I got it from a charitable organization
    with about 135k miles on it. The mechanic for the organization
    installed a new water pump and catalytic converter, and reconnected a
    sensor that was causing the engine light to come on. Since then, the
    engine light has been working normally (coming on at start, then going
    out), but it won't pass the test. The first time it failed, the tech
    told me to drive it for 50-60 miles at all different speeds, then bring
    it back. It failed again, so he told me to drive it more. I put over
    200 miles on it and it still failed. I finally took it to Autozone and
    borrowed their OBDII tester. The tester showed "no codes", but the
    monitors show the following: Misfire: ready; Fuel Sys: ready;
    Comprehens: ready; Catalyst: NOT READY; Heated Cat: NA; Evap Sys: NOT
    READY; Sec Air: NA; A/C Refrig: NA; O2 Sensor: NOT READY; H02 Sensor:
    Ready; EGR Sys: NOT READY. On the advice of a local Saturn tech, I
    disconnected the battery for a couple minutes to clear the monitors,
    reconnected, and again drove it at all different speeds for over 70
    miles. I ran the OBDII tester again and it gave the same results.

    Also, the 25mph emissions test results from the 1st two tests passed,
    but failed on the third, showing elevated NO and HC (the HC was still
    within passing range, but was 22ppm on test 3, compared to 5ppm on tests
    1 and 2). The NO was 163ppm on test 1, 445ppm on test 2, and 1186ppm
    (failing) on test 3.

    Aside from "chugging" when I first start the car cold, the engine runs
    pretty smooth. What do I need to do to resolve the Not Ready monitors,
    and could what's causing them to not go ready also be causing the issues
    with the elevated HC and NO emissions?

    Jeff, Aug 21, 2006
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