further thoughts on spark plugs, coolant sensors and engine starting

Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by kohlrabi_croce, Oct 26, 2007.

  1. hi all,

    I've been doing some further thinking about it, and
    I'm just having some thoughts about how engines work.....

    Mechanic #4, the one who did the work, told me that the problem
    with the bad spark plugs was what was causing the engine to be
    flooded with gas, which caused the rings to become washed.
    When I heard that, I wasn't so sure it made sense, because the
    spark plugs basically just provide the "spark", right?

    When I heard that If the sensor tells the computer the engine is
    the wrong temperature then it gets the wrong amount of gas at
    startup, I thought that was probably what caused it, not the bad
    spark plugs.

    So mechanic #4 told me he had to clean the gasoline out
    of the engine (isn't that weird - engines are supposed to have
    gasoline in them), but that the rings were still ok. But then I
    looked at the invoice, and they don;t have any such kind
    of labor work listed on there. All it says is: replace ignition
    cable set, replace all six spark plugs. That's in addition to
    the diagnosis. So: what if that is all they did - what if that was
    what it needed to be able to get it to start again, even though
    it still doesn't start without problems?

    Hmm..maybe a better to put it would be: could the coolant
    temp sensor cause the engine to become so flooded that it
    doesn't start? Or could the spark plugs cause that, though I
    don;t see how? Or was the mechanic just telling me something
    he thought I would buy?

    I'm wondering, because I'm working on formulating my complaint
    against this guy.


    PS the car is working gingerly. I am trying to be real easy on it
    until the part & book arrive.
    kohlrabi_croce, Oct 26, 2007
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