Fuel not going into tank

Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by devman, Mar 26, 2022.

  1. devman


    Mar 26, 2022
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    I was given a 2004 ION which had been sitting for approx. 6 years in a carport. I cleaned the engine, drained and replaced all fluids, spark plugs with coil pack, alternator,drained out all the gas, cleaned tank, and installed new fuel pump and filter. After it was all put back together I began to fill it with fuel from a gas can to see if it would fire up. But as I began pouring the fuel in, it back flowed from the fill neck. No matter how slow I poured, it backed up. I ran a clear flexible tube (the one I had used to siphon the old fuel) all the way down and did not have any resistance. However, as I did this, the fuel came back flowing out of tubing. What could be causing this? My hopes were crushed because I was excited in thinking it would crank over.
    devman, Mar 26, 2022
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