FS: CarFax Vehicle History Report

Discussion in 'Saturn Parts For Sale / Trade' started by YoshiY, Aug 22, 2005.

  1. YoshiY

    YoshiY Guest

    You want to buy a used car? Need a Vehicle History Report.
    Make sure you are getting what you paid for.

    It cost $25 for carfax report but since I just bought my car. I still have
    the account. I can do a report for anyone for $5

    let me know

    email me at
    YoshiY, Aug 22, 2005
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  2. YoshiY

    Bob Shuman Guest


    This offer violates the terms of your agreement and posting it on the public
    Internet was not particularly bright since it will likely lead to the
    suspension of your account

    Bob Shuman, Aug 24, 2005
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  3. YoshiY

    Oppie Guest

    Aside from the fact that it is in violation of your purchase agreement with
    CarFax, I believe that the reports are nearly worthless.
    I did a report on the car I eventually bought and it told me virtually
    nothing. Even a month after I bought the car, a report was still saying that
    the car was a lease in another state. Definitely not real-time information.

    ======== begin purchase agreement (30 day)
    I agree to pay a one-time charge of $24.99 (USD), plus applicable sales tax,
    according to my card issuer agreement. This 30 day Unlimited CARFAX Reports
    Plan is valid for 30 days from the date the first report is run, and is
    intended for my personal use only. Commercial use, resale and redistribution
    of CARFAX Reports is strictly prohibited and may lead to deactivation of my
    account and the imposition of additional charges for CARFAX Reports. I agree
    that my CARFAX Report purchase shall be governed by all the Terms and
    Conditions of use of the CARFAX Web Site.

    If you purchased the Unlimited Account you qualify for a refund if:
    ============ end purchase agreement
    Oppie, Aug 24, 2005
  4. YoshiY

    had2be Guest

    this is not about car fax. you answered my post just wanted to thank you.
    it's a 1993 saturn sc2 with the fuel and cuting off trouble. thanks again
    i am taking it to be looked at on friday will let you know the outcome.
    had2be, Aug 25, 2005
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