For Sale: 95 SW2

Discussion in 'Saturn Parts For Sale / Trade' started by Dave Schultz, Mar 24, 2005.

  1. Dave Schultz

    Dave Schultz Guest

    I am selling my 1995 SW2:

    Please make offer and email me .


    134,000 Miles

    Engine in excellent condition, always used synthetic oil.
    Leather, EQ Stereo, CB Radio, Glass mount CB and Scanner antennas
    Almost new Michelin Energy MXV4 tires
    New radiator last year
    New Brakes all around, new rotors, new rear wheel cylinders
    New accessory belt and tensioner.

    ****PLEASE READ****

    Here are the problems:

    SES light on with Transmission code 25 No TCC lockup

    I have tested the transmission and I am almost sure this is a mechanical
    problem. This is why I am selling the car.

    The power steering pump whines a bit.

    This would be a perfect car to convert to a 5-speed manual.

    Please email me with any offers
    I am located in Northern VA


    *** email address mangled ***

    Look at the email address before replying.
    It is easy to fix. Thanks
    Dave Schultz
    Dave Schultz, Mar 24, 2005
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  2. Dave Schultz

    Bob Shuman Guest


    Have you checked the Transmission solenoids? The reason I am asking is that
    this is a very simple thing to do assuming you have a 7mm socket and own or
    can borrow a Digital Multimeter.

    To check the solenoids, remove the electrical connector from the top of the
    TAAT transaxle. This is located in front of the driver side and to the rear
    of the battery tray. You will see a single 7mm bolt that holds this in
    place. Remove the bolt and pull the plug. Make sure everything is clean and

    Take the DMM and set it to the low ohms range. Measure the resistance across
    the exposed pins in airs: 1&2, 3&4, 5&6, 7&8, 9&10. The numbering I have
    provided is starting with the passenger side rear nearest the firewall. All
    of the resistance measurements should be nearly identical and if the car is
    "cold" somewhere in the 4 to 6 ohms range. All of mine measured 4.4-4.6
    ohms. If you find one that is much higher or even nearly zero it signifies a
    bad solenoid which needs replacement. I am guessing that there is a TCC
    solenoid that might have gone bad.

    If this is bad, the solenoid part cost is $56 at Saturn and you will also
    need to replace the trans cover gasket at another $20. It is not too
    difficult a job, probably about 3-4 hours and only requires a 7 and 8mm
    socket and a torque wrench. The worst part is scraping the old gasket and
    being careful not to get any of it in the exposed trans body.

    Good luck and let us know how it goes.

    Bob Shuman, Mar 24, 2005
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