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Discussion in 'Saturn Outlook' started by marx404, Aug 28, 2007.

  1. marx404

    marx404 Guest

    Sorry, I've had enough, perhaps you have too...Just FYI for us using OE. I'm
    sure we are all getting tired of MI5 cr@p and from others. Ignoring and
    blocking their posts is the best defense.

    In OE6: Tools / Message Rules / News
    Select New

    1. Select Conditions for your Rule
    check where Subject Lines contain Specific Words <or>
    Where the From Line contains People

    2. Check Delete it

    3. Rule Description (check on the underlined in this box and fill in the
    word or name to be blocked.

    4. Name of Rule (type a unique name for this rule)

    Click OK, now to Apply the Rule, you must apply the rule for it to work!

    You should be looking at the Message Rules box
    Select the rule you just created
    Click Apply now button, bring up Apply News Rules Now dialogue

    Select Rule to apply

    IMPORTANT - you must select the top folder of the NG server if you want to
    apply this rule and be applicable for all sub-folders! ex:

    Apply to folder: select Browse button, select ( or the
    top folder in this hierarchy), click the OK button.

    Make sure Include Subfolders is checked. Click Apply Now button.

    Done! now the SPAM you blocked will automatically be deleted before you have
    to see it! Repeat the above procedures to apply more rules to OE7 for News
    and Mail too.

    If someone can post similar fixes in this thread for other NG readers it's
    marx404, Aug 28, 2007
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