Fix for 2003-2004 ION non start problem

Discussion in 'Saturn ION' started by BillErwin, Feb 18, 2007.

  1. BillErwin

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    Hi all,

    Recently a friend of mine had some trouble with her 2003 ion. When
    she would try to start it in the morning, especially if it was cold
    outside, the engine would do nothing (or maybe just one turn, then
    nothing), and a warning light would flash. It was a security light
    with a lock. Wait a while, then try again, and it would usually

    The problem is this:
    There is an ignition switch that tells the computer to unlock the
    security system and allow the car to be started when the key is
    turned. That switch has grease that is too thick, and it will stick.
    If you turn the key and the switch doesn't send a signal to the
    computer, the car thinks you are stealing it, and it locks down for
    8-10 minutes.

    The solution is this:
    Go to a Saturn dealership and ask for the NEW ignitions switch. When
    I went in the guy said "we sell these things all the time". The part
    is about $50.
    It takes an hour to install. It's pretty easy, except that there are
    a few hex / star screws that are difficult to reach because of the
    angle. Remove the cover from around the steering column, and you will
    see the switch. Remove the switch, replace with the new one, replace
    the covers. Now you have to re-program the security system. It's
    easy. Turn the key to START, then release (leave in the ON
    position). The system will lock down. Wait 15 minutes. Turn the key
    forward to START, then release again (leave in ON pos). System will
    lock down 2nd time. Repeat a third time. After the third time, the
    car will start. You might have to turn it back to the OFF position
    after the 3rd time, I'm not sure.

    Good luck.
    BillErwin, Feb 18, 2007
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