First thing to do to a 2002 L200?

Discussion in 'Saturn L-series' started by ressican, Jul 26, 2003.

  1. ressican

    ressican Guest

    I've recently purchased a 2002 L200 and I'm very satisfied. I had started
    the Internet boogie and looked around the available information and groups,
    etcetera on my 'New' Saturn.

    Came to realize the ocean of information, and more so, the available
    upgrade this and that. Incredible.

    I'm looking for a start point. I could use some more power on the L200 for
    instance. I need opinions from owners that are experienced in upgrades. So
    the question is - What is the no brainer approach to start doing nice
    things for performance and comfort, and even fun, for my Saturn?

    I do realize there may be an avalanche of sellers that have a million
    things they sell. I'l just have to sort them all out from the genuine and
    the opportunist.

    Please clue me in in fairly plain language, as I don't speak 'Car talk'.

    Thanks in advance.

    ressican, Jul 26, 2003
  2. ressican

    Guest Guest

    honestly, I'd stick with cosmetic upgrades to make the car look
    better. Otherwise, the $$ you'll be putting into that engine to give
    it some real hp will rival the cost of just dropping in the 3.0L
    Guest, Jul 26, 2003
  3. ressican

    ressican Guest

    I'm pretty darn convinced that I'll leave the engine alone. I'll put my
    foot in it, so to speak, to have that extra fun every now and then.

    When I did the test drive, the sales person said to step in it hard. See
    what it can do. I was reluctant even then. When I hear that noise that
    sounds like the engine is trying and huffing and puffing, even if it does
    get the results, I fear that I'm hurting the engine. And especially, when
    owning it, I don't want to kill it prematurely.

    In all honesty, I'm not a car person. And indeed, I do not speak 'car
    talk'. Which amuses my colleagues that live and breathe it. I just don't
    care about cars that much. The Saturn, is the first car I actually like,
    and enjoy driving. Most likely it is the comfort.

    Still, I'd not mind to put some money in it if it was worth it. The tires
    must go I hear. I'll certainly do that when the time comes and avoid
    Firestones. Seen it too many places that they suck hard.

    In the meanwhile, I'll just sit back and enjoy driving it. May even go to
    one of those Dealer classes for car dummies. Never too late I guess. If
    only I could develop even a slight 'like' for cars. It's almost sad. I
    guess I make up for it in other ways. (Like the seat covers. :)

    ressican, Jul 27, 2003
  4. ressican

    Guest Guest

    You're refreshingly honest. I think you'll be happiest doing the
    things to your car that would make you more *comfortable*.

    One place is definitely the tires. Maybe your dealer can swap them
    out for you for a modest fee. If not, it's really worth the money to
    just take the hit and get rid of them. *They're THAT bad*. You've
    got a new car, the small price to pay to enjoy it over the roar of
    the stock tires is well worth the investment. Michellins are a
    favorite replacement tire.

    Yes, I *strongly* suggest you attend one of their orientation classes.
    If nothing else, you'll learn the basics of your car and get to know
    the service people. Don't be intimated either. Ask questions. They
    don't expect you to know anything about cars anymore than you expect
    them to know anything about *your* profession. However, learning the
    basics of how your car works can help you identify problems should
    they arise and will help the technician isolate what the problem may
    be. Just knowing the proper terminology goes a long way.

    Guest, Jul 27, 2003
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