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Discussion in 'Saturn VUE' started by Michael, Apr 4, 2004.

  1. Michael

    Michael Guest

    Hi Saturn Folk,

    I'd be interested in hearing some bad and good experiences regarding the
    newest Saturn VUE. Is it really any better than last year's model? What
    about Saturn cars in general? Any definite caveats?

    Thank you kindly in advance for your responses...

    Michael, Apr 4, 2004
  2. Had a 2002 and now a 2004. Both excellent vehicles, low maint, problem free,
    and fun to drive. the only problem with the current was that I had to replace 2
    windshield because of a funky stain that only showed up when it was raining.
    Other than that, I've never had any major problems with any of the other 3
    Saturns I've owned. The service dept is a big plus. Always going the extra mile
    to help.

    Good luck
    Michael Anthony, Apr 4, 2004
  3. How much were the windshields to replace? One complaint I've
    experienced is the expensive of the glass - 250$ for door glass on my
    '98 SL2 (bloody thieves), and I'm told ~800$ for the windshield glass.
    Not sure why it's so expensive tho.
    richard hornsby, Apr 5, 2004
  4. How much were those windshields? My 98SL2 set me back 250$ for the door
    glass (bloody thieves), and I've been told the windshield glass on the
    SLs is ~800$.

    richard hornsby, Apr 5, 2004
  5. Package policy??

    Not sure how your car insurance works, but it'd cost me $100cdn to replace
    Jonathan Calfat, Apr 8, 2004
  6. Michael

    Dan Duncan Guest

    I replaced my windshield (1998 SW2, which I assume has the same windshield
    as yours) for under $300 installed.

    I was doing the front passenger window (bloody stereo thieves) so I thought
    I should take care of the cracked windshield at the same time. The
    front passenger window also cost me about $300 installed.

    On a previous occasion (2 years earlier, different city, presumably
    a different set of attempted thieves) I replaced the rear passenger
    triangular-ish window for ~$135 installed.

    Dan Duncan, Apr 8, 2004
  7. Michael

    M. Butkus Guest

    I just picked up a Saturn Vue. V6 with everything. Not bad. Traded a 2001
    Subaru Outback. The steering is pretty good. Had it in the wind (30mph
    sidewasy) with no problem. The V6 is vantastic, great power, nice smooth
    shifting. Very decent gas mileage. Great views inside. No blind spots.
    The engine hits 1500 rmp at 60 mph so you get smooth down shifts up hills
    but will not hunt that much.

    Big wide tires, smooth ride.

    Good features: $4500 right now. $3500 factory and QVC had a coupon for
    $1000 off. Find one on, they were free.
    Bad: Roof rack is optional.. not adjustable, mats are optional, rear door
    opens wide but is short... a problem. Bland interior, decent leather
    seats. With lots of options and AWD (not full time) you can hit $28-29K.
    M. Butkus, Apr 9, 2004
  8. Michael

    Matt Hayden Guest

    Have a 2004, third Saturn (previous two were 97 SL2 and 99 SL2). Nice
    car, lots of power, lots of space, relatively comfy. The V6 AWD with
    the Comfort Package is nice, and the 6-CD changer that plays MP3s is a
    nice touch for long trips. We like it a bunch. It carries everything
    we need with minimum fuss and bother, and plenty of leftover space.


    Matt Hayden, Apr 27, 2004
  9. Michael

    Michael Guest

    We were so impressed at the Montreal auto show a couple of months ago that
    we were very intrigued by the '04 VUE. After doing some very rigourous
    head-to-head comparisons with a LOT of the other comparable vehicles, the
    2004 VUE came out ahead every time: space, overall appeal,comfort, safety,
    features, price, fuel economy, and POWER!

    It's even got more power than the BMW X3 and other bigger machines at a lot
    lower price (we're not out to prove anything or impress anyone, anyway). We
    think Saturn is like a well-kept secret that slowly getting out! Besides, I
    used to have a Saturn SL1 back in 1995, and I thought it was terrific, along
    with fabulous dealer service (Decarie Saturn Saab). They've been
    exceptional, living up to the kind of stuff we see in ads.

    Thanks to some very good owner feedback here and elsewhere, we got a FWD V6
    and we're delighted.

    We're grateful for your comments, Matt, and everyone else!

    Keep well and happy Saturn driving...

    Michael, Apr 29, 2004
  10. Michael

    pistonswin Guest

    We have an 02' Vue AWD V6. It has been a great vehicle although I wish I
    would have waited for the 04'V6. The 02' has the Opel/Catera V6 and drive
    train. The 04'has a Honda engine and drive train. Nothing against GM but
    the numbers show who is more reliable. I will seriously consider another
    Vue but the new Chevy Equinox has caught my eye with the better styling
    and is shares many components of the Vue. Don't be led to believe that
    Saturn is it's own car company any more. It is very much part of GM. It
    has lost too much money over the years to not use common suppliers for
    components. The good news is that GM is getting better with quality.
    pistonswin, Jul 6, 2004
  11. Michael

    Blah blah Guest

    Do yourself a favor. Avoid "all" 60 deg V motors. If it isn't a 45
    degree motor it isn't worth a bucket of spit. 60 degree motors are a
    b*tch to work on and the labor cost for even simple task are often
    higher because of that.
    If you cant touch the injectors, if you cant remove the t-stat and
    waterneck alone, and you cant remove the plugs without removing the
    intake, it is flat out junk. If it doesnt have 1 serpentine belt its not
    worth the hassle either. If they cant factor easy maintenance into a
    modern engine design I will make sure its known.
    Blah blah, Jul 7, 2004
  12. Michael

    Barbarian Guest

    I would think that if a 60 degree V was harder to work on than a 90 degree
    V, then a 45 degree V would be next to impossible!
    Barbarian, Jul 7, 2004
  13. Michael

    C. E. White Guest

    I don't think I've ever seen a 45 degree V-6. I've had
    several 60 degree V-6's (Ford 2.9L, 3.0L, 4.0L) and one 90
    degree V-6 (Ford 3.8L). I far preferred the 60 degree
    engines - especially when mounted transversely. They are
    narrower and there is more room to work along the sides of
    the engine. 60 degrees V-6 also works better from the
    standpoint of acheiving both an even firing order and better
    balancing of the rotating components. On the other hand, it
    is hard to beat the GM corporate (aka Buick) 3.8L 90 degree
    V-6 in terms of simplicity, reliability, and cost.


    Ed White
    C. E. White, Jul 7, 2004
  14. Michael

    Blah blah Guest

    Yes you guys are right I made a big error in my post. I had "Harleys"
    on my mind that day and got myself all messed up. :p
    90 Degree V engines are what you want in a car and a big hood helps. I
    think daimler chrysler actually uses a 45 or 30 degree v6 though.

    However I'm going to rebuke the first part of your statement on 60
    degree engines. Anytime they use a 60 degree motor its often in a very
    compact tight vehicle. That means if its a 2 valve engine the radiator
    core or cowl blocks the spark plugs, If its a 4 valve engine the intake
    blocks the spark plugs. So any room you thought you had gained is
    usually gone.

    As for your statement on the 3800 I agree with you in full on that and
    would like to add that I havent seen any production v6's with a stronger
    bottem end than a 3800. Fords 3.8's though are terrible in design but so
    are all the fords I've dealt with. Laying half the plenum over injectors
    and running a cap and rotor? Come on Ford get with it.
    Blah blah, Jul 7, 2004
  15. Harley fan? :)
    Yeah, WTF is that with Honda and the stupid V belt for the PS pump? I
    don't know who's been designing their cars as of late, but they sure
    aren't doing that great a job...

    The 3800? It's probbably the best V6 out there, certainly the best from

    Cap and rotor? Is this 1974 or 2004? DIS or coil on plug is where it's
    at today (though IIRC Honda had cap/rotor until 2000 or so. I love when
    those 'high tech' Japanese stick with some beyond obsolete tech, like
    caps and rotors, drum brakes on bikes, drum brakes on cars, etc...)
    Philip Nasadowski, Jul 9, 2004
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