Engine stalls randomly SL1 1994 manual

Discussion in 'Saturn L-series' started by FeralserF, Aug 26, 2023.

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    Aug 26, 2023
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    Hi, I have a 1994 SL1 Manual. The car has had an issue where it has stalled six times randomly over the last few months. Sometimes in hot day weather, other times cool at night. Since buying, the vehicle always has had an idle that when starting the car would bow slightly up and down around the 750ish rpm mark until it gets a lil warmer. Ive been door dashing and have fixed a few issues, but this one stumps me.

    I noticed three times the stalls occurred shortly after filling gas, other three times no. The car accelerates fine, doesnt overheat, never a check engine light and drives cross country, mountains without a hitch. I let the car cool down for half an hour and its fine. When the stalling occurs, on the Last couple times I pull out of the stall, which is like a janky going out of power, you feel somethings wrong and it stops accelerating. I go out of it by switching into neutral, car rpm goes to zero, go into 4th gear(going about 40 to 60mph), restarts car, car wont accelerate but I can get it to almost maintain speed, ill throw it back im neutral and the rpms accelerate fine slamming the gas, then go back into gear and it can somewhat maintain for the 30 sec to 1 minute it takes to get off the road. One time before waiting a full half hour I tried to start the car and it just stalled out again. But I wait the full half hour then get to my destination quickly but slowly. Stalls always when Im going between 40 and 65 mph. When I start the car, the fuel pump primes no issues. New generator and battery and connectors. Happens with fresh and older oil. What could it be?

    Also, I will update this thread when I find out the problem.
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    FeralserF, Aug 26, 2023
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