Electrical he'll 98 saturn sl2

Discussion in 'Saturn S-series' started by Ts saturn, Apr 10, 2023.

  1. Ts saturn

    Ts saturn

    Apr 10, 2023
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    Mu 98 sl2 died one day getting a burger in drive thru, got a jump it was okay. Replaced all pulleys serpentine belt, alternator and battery and stll battery won't start it without a jump, but most of yhe time battery doesn't drain . Took in codes said regullator rand diodes not working im at wits end . I don't really know what to fo regulator is built into alternator and when i do ge itt ru nnine all the dummy lights c o me on fairly quick, check battery has spark can I please get some help I have to put on trickle charge or jump to start it and then it only last a few miles loses power and dies I'm a bout to to put it in wrecking yard.
    Ts saturn, Apr 10, 2023
  2. Ts saturn


    Sep 21, 2023
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    Electric Ladyland
    Diodes in alternator are fried and allowing current to backfeed from the battery to ground. That is what is draining your battery.

    The voltage regulator is also integral to the alternator.

    Did you disconnect the battery before installing the new alternator?

    I would also start with a new battery with your new alternator.

    Remove both battery terminals when replacing the alternator.
    Derf, Sep 21, 2023
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