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Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by marx404, Jan 24, 2004.

  1. marx404

    marx404 Guest

    Kinda OT, but do you guys have any of the inexpensive do it yourself store
    bought, two-wire alarms, like Bulldog, Audiovox or First Alert?

    I have bought 2 bulldog 2030's in the last 2 weeks and they were broken
    right out of the box. Just wondering about other's experiences or
    marx404, Jan 24, 2004
  2. marx404

    MR Guest

    You can take a look at a miniture paging alarm system. I bought one
    and installed fine. Check several out here. The one I bought is down near the
    bottom of the page on the right hand side for $49.
    MR, Jan 24, 2004
  3. marx404

    Lane Guest

    Before continuing, ask yourself an important question. How much will you
    need to spend to feel comfortable that your car is adequately protected?
    How long will that alarm need to protect the car and it's contents? For me,
    a $100 alarm (or less) wouldn't do it. When I shopped for mine, I planned
    on $200 minimum for the alarm only (no install labor included or fancy
    accessories). If you buy one that you can install yourself, just remember -
    the easier an alarm is for you to install, the easier it is for someone to
    defeat and remove it.

    Also, an alarm is only as good as the guy who installs and adjusts it. It
    took me two weeks to install mine (mainly because it wasn't meant for
    do-it-yourselfers) - taking off the factory wire loom and running the alarm
    wiring thru it took time. But, not one wire or the siren are visible and if
    you ask me, that makes it much more secure. Since this is not something
    most people have the patience for, I've always referred friends to stop in
    at a local audio shop or store specializing in security. If you buy more
    than a simplistic alarm, professional installation may cost as much or more
    than the alarm itself. But in my opinion, their experience and knowledge
    are worth it when it comes to protecting my car.

    I've had an Alpine alarm on my 94 SC2 for about 9 years now, and it has done
    its job it well. These have just been my thoughts and opinions. YMMV.

    Lane [ l a n e @ p a i r . c o m ]
    Lane, Jan 24, 2004
  4. marx404

    Elector Guest

    Bottom line here is if you are savvy in such car alarm installs then
    no matter what price the set costs you cannot afford to be with out
    I have had a high end car alarm on every vehicle we own,
    professionally installed (Cost $100 extra) the cost of the alarms
    range for us around $400 total. Took the shop 4 hours to install and
    calibrate. But it has the fuel kill feature, the locator option,
    multiple triggers, the only thing we did not buy for the additional
    $25 was the automatic car starter. (But we now wish we did every
    morning the weather changes in the northeast) ha ha

    And let me tell you my co-workers and friends laugh their heads off
    over it. They say on a Saturn? Or a Chevy, or on an Isuzu? Then we
    live in an area not high in car thefts or break-ins. But like I tell
    them "why take any chances" and I do travel to more places than just
    work and home.

    I have to agree get the best you can afford, oh there is also that
    10-20% off your insurance rates for having such a device on your
    vehicle. Could sway some of the higher payers out there to get one.

    Elector, Jan 24, 2004
  5. marx404

    MR Guest

    You are correct Lane. I should have put more info on the self/pro
    installation. I somestimes forget that everyone on this forum does
    not have the skill or patients to do a self install, although the org.
    posts was for a DIY. It did take me some time to do it with the help
    of some online wiring diagrams, but was not especially difficult. I
    also did not choose to integrate it with the factory car alarm, so it
    is a separate stand alone system. I should have also mentioned that a
    paging alarm is for those who can confront a thief while in the act of
    stealing which I am prepared to do to prevent more damage. This
    budget alarm does give off a slight ringing similar to a phone if
    triggered, but just barely audible outside the vehicle. That may or
    may not deter a thief. I did not want one that sets off a siren or
    horn since that seems to get little attention in parking lots,
    especially large parking lots and that is what the factory alarm does.

    A little story of the only time the pager has trigger when not
    testing: My wife and I were on vacation about 1500 miles away from
    home doing some shopping in a food store about 10pm one night in a
    strip mall. I usually park away from most vehicles to avoid scratches
    etc. and under a light pole if possible. We were about ready to check
    out of the store when the pager went off. I rushed out of the store
    and to the upper end of the lot to see what was happening. I got
    within 50 or so yards of the car and found out that a family (Ma & Pa
    Kettle) had come to town in a pickup and had parked next to me and Ma
    was leaning(large woman) up against the car. We got a chuckle out of
    that one. No matter where you park, there will be someone next to you

    MR, Jan 24, 2004
  6. marx404

    marx404 Guest

    point made, but: (not to burst your bubble) I am from Miami (originally) and
    let me tell you that it does not matter what kind or how expensive your
    alarm system is down here. I have seen then break into and drive away BMWs
    with the siren a screeching, it means nothing nowadays, not even to cops.

    The main appeal IMHO is a audible deterrent. That warns away most would-be
    thieves and crack-heads who are looking to raid the contents of your vehicle
    for quick-fix sale. If they hear an alarm, they simply won't bother. And
    even the cheapest alarms, if they work properly will sound off, scaring away

    As for professionals, sorry to say, you will never be safe in a major metro
    city ex: Miami. If they want your car, it is thiers, no alarm, or the best
    alarm, it is thiers. period.

    So again, IMHO, a cheap alarm that functions as it should is much better
    than no alarm at all. (ergo, my reasoning for the topic) Thanks
    marx404, Jan 24, 2004
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