Dimming Lights is it only L200's?

Discussion in 'Saturn L-series' started by A, Dec 28, 2003.

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    A Guest

    I am considering buying a 2003 L200 & saw in the postings mentioning a
    dimming headlight problem when there is a load on the system (like lowering
    the power window). Is this a problem that happens on only some L200 cars or
    is it also happening on L300's (v6)?

    A couple of solutions listed were to clean the battery terminals and to
    replace the alternator. Did these methods fix the problem for you?
    A, Dec 28, 2003
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    PandoraSun Guest

    The 300's do it also....
    2004 L's do it too. (I test drove them myself to find out for sure.)

    Go to Saturnfans.com and read the posting titled "Heading to Arbitration"
    and you will learn alot about this headlight issue (and loads of other
    issues). Also once there, do a search for "dimming lights" and read those

    For as much as I love everything else about my L, I wish I had never bought

    Oh yeah !!! Also go to NHTSA.dot.gov. (National Highway Traffic Safety
    Read up on the L owners complaints from 2000 and up. Also make sure to read
    about the investigation NHTSA did this year on the L regarding the 1.5 to
    2.0 voltage drop that was discovered, yet the "reason", (excuse), there has
    not been a recall yet.

    I wish I had known about those sites before buying my L.

    My 2003 L has the dimming lights problem and trust me, it is a deadly
    Cleaning the cables did not fix mine and Saturn refuses to change the
    alternator, plus threatened to void my warranty if done elsewhere. One
    Saturn service manager even informed me that there is a serious design flaw
    in the L.
    He said, "In his opinion nothing is going to fix the dimming lights in the L
    series until Saturn redesigns the entire car......

    All lights on my car dim due to power drain, everytime the auxilary cooling
    fan kicks on. That can be dozens of times in a matter of minutes depending
    on temps.
    Most of us who are public with this issue are not talking about a slight
    dimming. It is such a severe dimming, that at night you lose sight of the
    road. Plus it happens so often it is causing road rage towards us from other
    drivers. It also gives the impression to truckers and other motorists
    passing us that we are flashing our lights to give the "clear signal" for
    them to move over into our lane..

    If you go to the above mentioned sites, you will be amazed when you read
    about the situations we L owners are facing due to this dimming lights
    issue.....and Saturn could care less.
    In my experience and countless others, Saturn Corp. does not stand behind
    their product like they used to.

    So you know, Saturns stand on the dimming lights is that "It is a "normal
    operating procedure on ALL L's. We designed it to act that way".
    They also claim it is NOT unsafe, since our lights are not going ALL the way
    out ..........but anyway go to those websites and read all that and more.

    Best of luck with whatever car you buy.
    If you still decide to buy an L, I hope you will not become the newest
    member to the "Unhappy L Owners Dimming Lights Club".

    Most Sincerely,
    PandoraSun, Dec 29, 2003
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    Woobie Guest

    Sounds like your battery isn't taking a proper charge. How old is your
    Woobie, Dec 31, 2003
  4. A

    PandoraSun Guest

    It is/was only10 months old ...I had to have it replaced yesterday and the
    lights still dim....My "sealed" battery was found to be covered in corrosion
    with corrosion down in the battery tray also, yet Saturn Corp. REFUSED to
    cover it under warranty ....You can go to Saturnfans.com and click on the
    forum on the L series and read the Heading To Arbitration thread and get
    the whole jest of things wrong with the L for many of us.
    PandoraSun, Jan 1, 2004
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