Cooling Issue with AC on. 92 SL1.

Discussion in 'Saturn S-series' started by Peter M., Aug 4, 2006.

  1. Peter M.

    Peter M. Guest

    Hey Guys,

    I've come with a problem. It's a weird one though. I tried searching this
    group before I post here but didn't find anything.


    Here's the problem. I'll be driving down on a interstate(highway for you
    canadians :p ) going about 65-70mph ( 110-125km/h ) and I'll turn on the AC.
    It runs fine with the obvious loss of power due to ac being on. But i'm
    realizing that it starts slowly raising in tempature. I've gotten to about
    the last line before the H (hot) ticket and i would just turn the ac fearing
    my car will blow up. Once i turn it off, it goes back to the middle slowly.
    If i drive on the city it raises but if i stop at a red light or pul lthe
    car over with teh ac on, it will go back to the middle. It seems like it
    only starts heating up when driving.

    I'm not sure what this could be. I check that rad fan and it does work. But
    I'm also concerned with some people said there is a plastic thing under the
    radiator for air flow. I do not see this. under my car.

    Anyway, Let me know.

    Hot in Atlanta,GA. Need AC,
    Peter M., Aug 4, 2006
  2. Peter M.

    wavy Guest

    Well - someone already told ya.
    The air deflection dam is pretty important.
    With the A/C on at highway speed - the radiator cooling fan might not
    be enough to pull enough air through the radiator.
    I remember how when I left that thing off (I was in a hurry to get all
    the front end together and thought I'd save time), the temperature on
    my 94 went all the way into the red before the cooling fan switched on
    - then it would fall all the way to about a quarter on the guage - then
    start climbing back to the redline again. Over and over all the way to
    Houston and back. This was in December and the A/C wasnt working then
    anyway - but I would think the heat from the a/c condensor coil might
    make things worse.
    After reinstall it, the cooling fan very very rarely comes on unless
    the A/C is on.

    so the farmer says "ya know why the chicken coop's only got two doors"
    and I say "what?" and he says "can't have four door's on a chikin coop,
    nosir" so I ask "why not?" and he says "cause then it'd be a SEDAN"
    wavy, Aug 4, 2006
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