Collapsed PCV Hose

Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by Edward Lee, Sep 19, 2005.

  1. Edward Lee

    Edward Lee Guest

    I recently took my 1999 Saturn SL1 to a local car shop to have it serviced,
    and the guy noticed that the hose to the PCV valve had collapsed. This is
    the short 4 or 5 inch long black hose from the middle top of the engine
    towards the windshield. The removed hose would not spring back to its
    original shape. The hose resembled a collapsed straw that had been used to
    suck on a thick milk shake. I recall that the inner diameter of the hose
    was 5/8 inch. I went over to AutoZone and got a replacement hose intended
    for transmission fluid from AutoZone which sells the hose in 1 foot lengths.
    The replacement hose has a much thicker outer diameter and seems to be
    reinforced inside with a woven fiber mesh.

    What sort of problems would be manifested by a collapsed PCV hose? The
    original equipment hose should be sturdier in future cars. Previous to
    getting my car tuned up at this place, with a mileage around 28,000 miles, I
    was having trouble starting the car cold, sometimes having trouble starting
    the car warm, and the engine would cut off when I revved it in park. I
    wonder if this collapsed tube contributed to the problem. I have no trouble
    with the car now.

    -Ed L
    Edward Lee, Sep 19, 2005
  2. Edward Lee

    marx404 Guest

    Mostly engine heat would attribute to a worn or cracked hose. Saturn has
    actually replaced the pcv hose design with a newer better reinforced design
    for S series.

    marx404, Sep 19, 2005
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