CHEATED? $500 to replace ignition switch, part $30, $470 for labor and code reading etc

Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by Joe Mexico, Jun 21, 2007.

  1. Joe Mexico

    Joe Mexico Guest


    here in Honolulu, @ the saturn dealer.......

    I'm thinking i've been cheated, granted i agreed to pay the $130 to
    have saturn diagnose that i had an ignition switch code

    and then they apply the $130 towards the $500 repair, however why
    should 1-2 hours of ignition switch labor and recoding the 'security
    system' cost $470

    i was already in for the $130 and had no idea what it should cost.
    so, felt i had to agree.

    i understand there may be some recall, though they told me there was

    CAN anyone shed some light on what the heck is going on or RIGHT?

    Thx in advance.

    Joe Mexico, Jun 21, 2007
  2. Joe Mexico

    BläBlä Guest

    Shorter subject lines please.
    Code reading can be done for free, "diagnosing" beyond that is not free.
    Diagnosing cost can vary greatly.
    I have NO idea what they are charging you for without a invoice or

    Ignition switch $30-$40 bucks
    Labor 1.3hrs
    Reprograming the BCM is about 0.3hrs IIRC
    ......Ask for an printed quotes.....Shop around.....Avoid verbal
    agreements....They do hold up in court....
    TSB's and Recalls are two different things.
    Anyone with a Tech 2 w/SPS or probably even a OTC Genisys with GM's SPS
    programing software can reprogram a GM car. Every real GM dealer will
    have at least one tech 2 and I'm sure you have some other GM dealers out
    I do NOT know what the average labor rate out there is but the Pontiac
    dealer here charges about $68 bucks an hour and Toyota dealers are
    usually around $90 bucks or better. I'm sure it's high on an Island out
    in the middle of no where.

    Ok you found something, was 04-08-45-005D your problem? You didn't say
    in your drive by. "An occasional problem with this vehicle is a failed Ignition Switch and
    a failed Body Control Module (BCM). These failures will prevent the
    engine from starting. Refer to TSB #04-08-45-005D for further
    information. The cost to replace the Ignition Switch is $37.09 for the
    part and $65.00 for the labor. The cost to replace the BCM is $364.91
    for the part and $84.50 for the labor. All prices are estimates based on
    $65.00 per flat rate hour and do not include diagnostic time or
    applicable taxes."

    (sets codes B2960 and/or B3033)

    Again I dont know what the going labor rates are in Hawaii but unless
    they also "replaced" the BCM (which you dont say) it all seems high to
    me. My estimates at $65 dollars an hour, with an hour of diagnostic
    time, puts everything just under 200 bucks... With BCM, as mentioned
    above, add about $450. It's possible they done the switch first for $130
    then when that didn't work they done the BCM next. I say they should of
    been familiar enough with the problem that they "could" have done just
    BläBlä, Jun 22, 2007
  3. Joe Mexico

    Kevin Guest

    I want to live where you do!

    Saturn dealers are $125/hr here. Kia is 119/hr.
    Kevin, Jun 22, 2007
  4. Joe Mexico

    hackamore Guest


    nothing is going right at Saturn these days.

    it's gone from The Saturn Experience where the customer was treated well
    to just another car company out to rip the customer for all they can.

    I'm looking for an SWP for a parts car myself (I've got an SWP and like
    it's uniqueness) but for a driver I'm looking for a good US made
    pre-emissions points and coil manual transmission car... preferably a 6
    but a 283/289 would work.


    hackamore, Jan 8, 2008
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