Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by Matt, Jan 17, 2005.

  1. Matt

    Matt Guest

    I'm looking at getting chains for my SL1 Saturn. Any tips or thoughts?
    I'd like to get ones that I can leave on during a snow storm/after
    until the junk clears and use while I'm driving.. is there anything of
    such a beast? Is it safe to drive on the highway with them? Or should
    they only be used like in town/slow highway driving?
    Matt, Jan 17, 2005

  2. First no chains, get cables and ones that are properly sized. I think

    As for driving, if it's bad enough weather to warrent cables/chains,
    you will not be driving fast.

    As for me, I was tried of trying to instruct my lovely wifey on how to
    put on the cables for our sl2 and went with a pair of used
    spider-spikes. Now no complaints from he, peace of mind for me, and
    they weren't expensive off ebay.


    tom @
    newsgroups01REMOVEME, Jan 18, 2005
  3. Matt

    Matt Guest

    Thanks tom...
    How different are cables then chains as far as gripping the road, et al?
    Matt, Jan 18, 2005

  4. Now I only remember chains on the tires from when I was really very
    young, and what I was told. IMHO:

    One chains bite in hard for good traction(even on ice somewhat), but
    this comes at a cost to comfort of the ride, very bumpy, and tires
    wear faster.

    Two cables(from personal expericen, and reading the manufactures
    papers), dont' bite as hard(guessing the reason why so many more
    cables crossing over the tire than chains), so smoother ride, and less
    damage to the tired over time. BUT, cables aren't as tough compared
    to chains and require more frequent inspections. More cables meen
    more chances for one to break.

    Remember, these tracktion devices are recommended only when you have
    to drive. So, staying home, or waiting for the roads to be plowed is
    your first option. Since, breaking and steering will be achallenge
    on snow and ice.

    Hope thsi helps, but I'm guessing you being an saturn group, it might
    not be an option for you(chains) since saturn cars mostly have tight
    wheel clearances and only some types of cables are even recommended.


    newsgroups01REMOVEME, Jan 18, 2005
  5. Matt

    Brigitte Guest

    I use the Spider-Spikes on my SL2 when I'm in California snow. They are
    easy on and easy off. Takes all of 5 minutes to put them on. I only use
    them because it's required by law there. Since moving to Nebraska, I haven't
    had to use them.

    With good tires on the front, chains aren't necessary, or even legal here.
    And I've found that they aren't all that useful anyway with front wheel

    Brigitte, Jan 21, 2005
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