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Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by Matthew Fries, Dec 19, 2007.

  1. I have a 97 SC2 with an eq and the CD-changer in the trunk. Earlier
    this year, the cd-changer failed and it will no longer read any CDs.
    The head unit just says "ERR".

    I'm resigned to buying a new head unit, and I like having a cd-changer
    that I can fill with a wide variety of discs. I'm considering a
    Pioneer HU, probably from Crutchfield. I'm certain I can install the
    head unit myself, and I have no qualms about mounting a new cd-changer
    in the trunk, but I'm a little uncertain about the routing of the new
    cable to the trunk.

    Has anyone done anything like this? Will I need to tear up my car's
    interior just to route the cable? Where does the existing cable hide?
    Would I be able to keep it there, while I add another cable (in order
    to keep my car "stock")? I would rather not pay an installer just to
    run the cable, when I can do everything else myself.

    Thanks for any tips.


    Remove the BALONEY from my email address.
    Matthew Fries, Dec 19, 2007
  2. Matthew Fries

    Jon Jon Guest

    and I THOUGHT I had problems <snickering> ..

    Found my music in the early years (Skynrd, Seger, Tina, Cher, Fleetwood
    Mac, etc.) .. '98 SATURN has a casette tape player .. works for me.
    However .. in the "old days" .. 2001,'02,'03, I would just slide my 3M
    automatc tape cleaning head cassette in when I got the "CLEAN" light on
    my cassette player ... got that at WalMart, Walgreen's etc.

    They are no longer available; short of contacting the 3M Company and
    special ordering them <MAYBE??>

    Yes, I CAN grab some Q-tips and rubbing alcohol and manually clean the
    heads .. not an easy thing to do when travelling 70 MPH down the highway
    though LOL

    Gotta love "technology".
    Jon Jon, Dec 19, 2007
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