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Discussion in 'Saturn Parts For Sale / Trade' started by Jim Smith, Jul 18, 2003.

  1. Jim Smith

    Jim Smith Guest

    I have a large supply of Saturn cars available for sale. All cars are
    sold for parts only. I can sell them with a Maryland or Delaware title,
    but these cars are really meant to be sold for their parts.
    Most, if not all are 92-94 SC1, SC2, SL1 and SL2. Some cars are missing
    some small parts, other are missing body parts and some have bad motors
    or transmissions. I will sell them for a very good price.

    If you are interested in parts, I can sell just parts too.
    All are stock parts, there are no after market parts. But if you need
    any parts, I will sell them for a very good price.

    All parts are shipped UPS from Middle River Maryland 21220, unless UPS
    restricts the items due to weight or size. Shipping costs are the
    responsibility of the buyer. Large items like seats, fenders, motors,
    transmissions will require a handling fee. These fees will be exact
    cost of boxes or crates. I won't charge any more than my costs.

    Pictures are available for any part or the entire car!

    Let me know what you're interested in, I'm sure we can make a deal!!!
    Jim Smith
    Middle River, Maryland 21220
    Jim Smith, Jul 18, 2003
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