Car shuts off while driving

Discussion in 'Saturn S-series' started by CMovens, Dec 12, 2023.

  1. CMovens


    Dec 12, 2023
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    I have an O2 Saturn SL1, I've been having problems driving the car and it shutting off, or dying. There are times that the car will not restart and my entire dash goes haywire and starts flashing. The battery is less than a month old plugs and wires have been redone but I was having this issue before all of that. I had a bad ground wire that was replaced but still cannot figure out the problem could anybody give me a little insight please
    CMovens, Dec 12, 2023
  2. CMovens


    Mar 5, 2024
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    Look into the F6 fix on YouTube by richpin. That’s the most likely culprit. Wire that runs the dash, fuel pump, radio, etc. it’s in the middle console, driver side and accessible.
    Raiders, Mar 5, 2024
  3. CMovens


    Apr 19, 2024
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    Check out the condition of your grounding blocks.

    Specifically the ones near the rear of the car.

    I had a similar issue and was able to resolve it by removing the stock grounding block and just grounding the wires to the frame.

    The corrosion was so bad it was causing current to loop back into other circuits instead of finding ground. This would make the fuel pump turn on for no reason, kill the car when the taillights turned on, and can cause a whole myriad of strange behavior.

    Something you can check out and resolve likely for free - a worthwhile investment.
    funkmefirst, Apr 19, 2024
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