camshaft positon sensor A bank 1

Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by vita, Jun 4, 2006.

  1. vita

    vita Guest

    iits me again i read one of the answer bout the wires need to be routed in
    order for my camshaft position sensor to work i put new wires & sparksplug do
    i need to put my old wires back . just wonderring. coz when i read this
    letetter this guy said . there is no camshaft position sensor per se. with
    the way the saturn ignition system works. it doesnt really need to know where
    the cam is in order for the engine to work. but on later models with the
    obdII system(96+) the computer diciphers where the cam is using the spark
    plug wires. in order for that to work the wires have to be routed like the
    factory (crossed near coil)if the wires are not routed right it will throw a
    cam sensor code. IS THIS TRUE>>>>> i still have my old spark plugs do i need
    to put it back . please help me i really need this car to past inspection I
    HAVE 3KIDS to take to school..... thanks for reading.....
    vita, Jun 4, 2006
  2. vita

    BläBlä Guest

    Its called COMPRESSION SENSE TIMING. The cam sensor code is Generic
    because there is no Compression sense timing code for OBDII systems that
    I have seen yet.

    If you are in need of a TUNE UP you will throw a cam sensor code
    meaning you likely need both new Plugs and Wires. The plugs should be
    double platinum for "waste spark" systems such as this. Avoid Bosch
    spark plugs, get AC Delco or Autolite. You may want a gap of .040"
    instead of the .060" which it may call for.
    Spark Plug wires MUST be checked with an OHM meter & they should not
    exceed 20k ohms. (Lower the resistance the better.) Plug wires should
    not be pulled or tugged by any means other than at the plug boot. If you
    think you may have damaged them the resistance should be checked again.
    They should also be routed to avoid chafing as much as possible.

    The Coil pack and engine run parallel to eachother so as you look at
    your engine you will see cylinder 1 at the passenger side and cylinder 4
    on the driver/transmission side. (Engine 1,2,3,4)

    The coil pack, starting from the passenger side is coil tower for # 4
    cylinder. Then you have 1,2,&3. (Coil 4,1,2,3)

    Now just connect the numbers.

    The O2 sensor, in this case, was the "symtom" not the "problem" of a
    poor running engine. Hence why you dont get advice from Autozone, just
    BläBlä, Jun 4, 2006
  3. vita

    wavy Guest

    Yeah, but the Saturn will not run correctly if its input information is
    "oft". Its a very dynamic control system. I know this from direct
    experience with a bad coolant temperature sensor. The engine ran too
    rich to pass the emissions test.
    Changed the sensor - "PAST" the test.


    Yes, I'm totally hooked on phonics now...
    wavy, Jun 4, 2006
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