camshaft positon sensor A bank 1

Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by vita, Jun 4, 2006.

  1. vita

    vita Guest

    hey everybody anyway my problem was my saturn sl1 1996 the engine light keep
    on and of.ok last year my inspection past on that new obdII inspection when
    they put your car in the its time for me to get problem
    was my engine light is on so i know it wont past the inspection i went to
    auto zone let them put it on this tiny look like ipod computer.they said i
    need a oxygen sensor i did that. light still keep on i went they erase it
    they told me to drive 60 mile before go get inspected.30 miles it came
    on they check. they i need crankshaft sensor i did that that guy put it in
    told me to drive 40 miles i did it for 80 miles as soon as i go to
    inspection lights come on again. the guy erase my code he told me to drive
    again. again. for 40 i came back the light was not on but still did not past
    because i got this code p0341 camshaft position sensor A bank1 im trying to
    buy 1 nobody here in auto store got it they tod me i need to order it on
    dealer. anyway this is my first time in here i read few letter from couple
    people. is that that true there is no camshaft position sensor? please helpme
    dont know what to do.
    vita, Jun 4, 2006
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