Broken Exhaust Manifold Stud: 2002 VUE 2.2 FWD

Discussion in 'Saturn VUE' started by tim.beagle, Aug 23, 2007.

  1. tim.beagle

    tim.beagle Guest

    Hi folks,

    Unfortunately, one of the studs on my exhaust manifold broke,
    resulting in a light ticking moise when the engine is revved (it
    sounds like a valve noise). My Saturn mechanic said it happens all the
    time to the 2.2 engines and it's the stud on the passenger side of the
    engine. He also said he'd have to fail me on a safety inspection
    because it's an exhaust leak.

    If he could retrieve the broken stud, the cost would be about $250. If
    not, he'd have to send the head to a machine shop and have it taken
    out. Unfortunately, he was unable to reach the broken stud. The labour
    charge is 9 hours for this job abd the machine shop would charge
    around $250 (if the head was unmolested). The total bill would be
    around $1200.

    I haven't done anything yet, but I'm interested in knowing if anyone
    else is in the same boat. My comment to my service manager was that a
    common problem that was cause to fail a safety inspection should be a
    recall item. Remember when the S series cars were recalled for head
    gasket failures? Same sort of idea, but it isn't a safety concern.

    What do you think, folks?

    Tim Delaney
    Stewiacke, NS, Canada
    2002 VUE FWD, 5-speed, 146,000 km
    tim.beagle, Aug 23, 2007
  2. tim.beagle

    SnoMan Guest

    This cost seems a bit excessive. It seems to me that if you cannot do
    it yourself you should be able to find someone to drill the bolt stud
    in the car with a angle drill and a cobalt bit. YOu could drill a hole
    in it and try a easy out or simply drill bit out and retap hole but I
    see no reason why this could not be done on engine by anyone
    reasonably competent. If not I think I would look for another head in
    a bone yard and swap head because it would be quicker to do and then
    you can maybe have old head repaired at some time when you can find a
    cheap way to do it and then sell it to recoup some of cost. I would
    not pay 1200 bucks to have them pull head, send it to a machine shop
    and then replace it. While it is apart, have all manifold bolts
    replaced too.
    SnoMan, Aug 23, 2007
  3. tim.beagle

    tim.beagle Guest

    Thanks Sno Man. The whole thing is a bit of a pain. If the dealer
    claims they can't reach the remains of the old stud, I doubt I'd be
    able to reach it, and it kills me to think I have to carack open a
    perfectly good engine or swap the head for one of unknown background.
    According to my technician, it's the one stud that snaps because of a
    flange on the manifold interfering with the correct seating of the

    tim.beagle, Aug 24, 2007
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