Brake Light Bulbs and Oxygen Sensor

Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by Scott, Jul 13, 2005.

  1. Scott

    Scott Guest


    I have a 1996 Saturn SC2, 100K miles. I need to replace two of my bulbs in
    the spoiler brake light. When I purchase the bulbs, do they come in those
    plastic holders, or do the bulbs pop out of the holders, and the bulbs sold

    Also, how many oxygen sensors does my car have? I see the one in front, but
    if there is another one, I am not sure where it is located. Are the $20
    universal types ok, or do I need to buy the $60 OEM type?

    Thanks a lot!


    T \ B
    Scott, Jul 13, 2005
  2. bulbs come out of the holders.
    you have 2 - 1 in the manifold, and 1 behind the cat. get the correct
    one - it will be worth it in the long run.
    Kevin M. Keller, Jul 13, 2005
  3. Scott

    Oppie Guest

    The bulbs in my high brake light, type PC168 (lw300), are in a plastic base
    that is NOT removable. The lamp terminals are spot welded into the contacts
    of the plastic base. The type 168 lamps are readily available but not so for
    the PC168 (the PC prefix is the #168 lamp with the plastic base). I've had
    to do a bit of hunting and can usually find them from a big parts
    The lamps with plastic bases turn 45 degrees (lefty loosey, righty tighty)
    then can be pulled out.
    I should get a box of the lamps, they don't seem to last more than a year.
    Oppie, Jul 13, 2005
  4. Hell, you may be right. I thought I pulled them out of there, but I may be
    mistaken - I replace more bulbs at work than on my own car, so I may be
    getting them mixed up.
    Kevin M. Keller, Jul 14, 2005
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