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Discussion in 'Saturn Astra' started by marx404, Dec 16, 2008.

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    marx404 Guest

    When GM imported the Opel Astra form it's special Saturn assembly line in
    Antwerp, Belgium, the price was just stupid. Even Bob (the putz) Lutz
    admitted so. With GM and everyone else in the automotive industry cutting
    prices, the Astra which debuted at a starting price of $18,000. can now be
    bought for around $13K.

    Dealers are stuck with overstock of 2008's (there really are not many '09's
    available) so now is the time to get a great deal. Not saying that Saturn
    dealers hassle and haggle, but saying that they are selling Astras at really
    good deals right now.

    The Astra has been available world-wide for over a decade now so parts are
    readily available if and when needed. I got a great deal and got out of my
    buggy ION and into a Astra XE I really like. I am averaging 31mpg in city
    and 28 on hwy. not bad considering the heavy weight of this car. In contrast
    to the IOn, the Astra is not a straight-line race winner by any means but
    can out-handle and out maneuver the ION with ttrue European sports-car
    handling you would expect of a much more expensive car.

    Just my review. If you are thinking of getting one, nows the time to go
    drive one and see what I am talking about.
    marx404, Dec 16, 2008
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