Astra 5 door xr

Discussion in 'Saturn Astra' started by Jimmy Egan, Mar 8, 2008.

  1. Jimmy Egan

    Jimmy Egan Guest

    anyone own a new astra 5 door xr with manual trans. ? any reviews ? i am
    considering trading in my 2003 mazda p5 for one. thanks
    Jimmy Egan, Mar 8, 2008
  2. Jimmy Egan

    marx404 Guest

    I sell them and drive them almost every day. The 5 door manual would be my
    choice. Where the automatic is efficient but anemic the 5 speed makes up for
    it. The 1.8L is rated at 8.5 sec in 0-60mph. It is the same type shifter
    used in the ION but I personally feel that it is better quality and feels
    tighter. Gas mileage we have found driving it around town has been above
    what the sticker of 32 (on the auto) says, I am impressed.
    marx404, Mar 9, 2008
  3. Jimmy Egan

    Bassplayer12 Guest

    Make sure first that cup holders are not an important item for you & your
    Bassplayer12, Mar 9, 2008
  4. Jimmy Egan

    marx404 Guest

    actually thanks to Opel 3rd party mfg's., there is a new armrest for the
    center console which has a sliding cup holder that both gives the driver an
    armrest and a sliding cup holder which moves the cup holder further towards
    the dash. I think the manufacturer's name is Boomerang, they are an official
    GM OEM aftermarket mfg.

    For the people in the back there are two cup holders that slide out from the
    bottom of the rear seat already built in to the car. There not tin the best
    place, but they are there. Europeans don't drink and drive.
    marx404, Mar 11, 2008
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