Any good suggestions for headliner material?

Discussion in 'Saturn S-series' started by Handym0927, May 26, 2024.

  1. Handym0927


    May 19, 2024
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    My headliner and visors have deteriorated in my 1999 SC2. Anyone have any suggestions on the best material to use with the cardboard liner. What kind of adhesive is going to last the test of time. Does the cardboard have to be duplicated with a more durable material?
    I have been considering what to do and have been using a gorilla glue stick to hold pieces up!
    Handym0927, May 26, 2024
  2. Handym0927


    Jun 16, 2024
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    A '99 is now 25 yrs old. Nothing lasts forever. Plastic suffers uv radiation and dries out, cracking. Vinyl dries out and cracks. If you use silicone spray often enough, it will rejuvenate vinyl to like new suppleness. Headliners fall down because glue doesn't last forever, drying out and disintegrating. Johann Fabrics may be the best low cost solution to line the headliner after careful cleaning and removing loose, disintegrating particles. 3M spray adhesive contact cement will stick new fabric onto your old headliner permanently. A weekend project. Review youtube videos on relining headliners so you'll have info on correct techniques and procedures.
    Nutjob1, Jun 16, 2024
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