A kit to back-flush a cooling system

Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by Jerry, Jun 10, 2004.

  1. Jerry

    Jerry Guest

    What is group's opinion about a kit to back-flush a cooling system
    (cut a hose to the heater and install the adapter).
    Any answers are much appreciated. Thank you.
    Jerry, Jun 10, 2004
  2. Jerry

    Bob Shuman Guest

    I've used the Prestone flush and fill kit on several vehicles with good
    results. You need to take care to get the "T" fitting for the garden hose
    in the correct heater hose and in a location that is fairly easy to access.

    I always flush and fill with the old green Ethylene Glycol based coolant
    every 2 years. I also use the Prestone flush per instructions on the bottle
    as well. I've only had one radiator failure and that was due to leakage at
    one of the seams. I am always amazed at how bad the water looks that comes
    out, even after a complete drain and flush cycle. I think that the
    backflushing using the water pressure from the garden hose does a much
    better job than you could ever do with just draining and refilling with
    water then draining again.

    Bob Shuman, Jun 10, 2004
  3. Jerry

    Blah blah Guest

    In my experience those T's are nothing but a leak waiting to happen if
    they're not already leaking. If you have a conventional green cooling
    system you had better not go past 2 years between flushes. I dont drive
    anything with conventional green coolant cooling systems anymore but
    what I did was open the radiator drain every year and let what ever
    drains out drain out then refill it. No "flushing", just drain and fill
    "YEARLY". That put enough new corrosion inhibitors in the system to last
    a year till the next drain and fill. You also dont end up with so much
    waste to haul off that way.
    Blah blah, Jun 11, 2004
  4. Jerry

    Oppie Guest

    I've had the original Prestone flush kit in my minivan now for almost 200k
    miles. Yes, it is one more potential source for a leak but with firm
    tightening, it has never been a problem. On the minivan, it was also good to
    help purge air from the heater circuit (higher than the engine) by loosening
    the cap on the tee after a refill. I actually had more problems with the
    radiator drain plug leaking. But enough about Chrysler products here <g>.

    It was always amazing how much schmutz came out when flushing out the
    cooling system. I drain the radiator then flush the system till it runs
    clear which takes a few minutes. I then start the engine while still
    flushing and verify that the water is still clear.

    Oppie, Jun 11, 2004
  5. Jerry

    Blah blah Guest

    I'm talking about the entire Tee fitting. The things get hairline
    cracks and spray coolant all to often. Part of servicing the coolant
    system is to turn the heat up high in the car to get air flow across the
    heater core while purging the air out of the system. (that hasnt been
    mentioned so far) Usually the auto makers give you purge valves at the
    highest point(s) of the cooling system if the radiator cap is lower than
    everything else. If they dont the fix for that is to park it on a hill
    or on ramps then let it cool down overnight.
    A lot of that schmutz is ginger root if its a Saturn system or scaling
    from the green coolant. If you ever take the intake off or waterneck off
    a green coolant cooling system it often looks really bad.
    Blah blah, Jun 11, 2004
  6. Jerry

    Jack Woltz Guest

    I remove that small hose that connects to the plastic surge tank and
    insert a tapered nozzle attached to a garden hose. Then press the
    handle on/off 5 or so times, followed by several long continuous bursts.
    Don't let the hose go full force, low to moderate pressure only.

    This sends the water stream in the opposite direction to normal coolant
    flow, and works quite well. Do this until the water draining out of the
    block & radiatior runs clean. No flush tee needed.


    " ..... I ain't no bandleader!!"
    Jack Woltz, Jun 13, 2004
  7. Jerry

    Kirk Kohnen Guest

    In my extended family there are 6 Saturns - 4 SL series, 2 IONs.

    I've had occasion to change coolant on each of the SLs.

    Simply drain the radiator, drain the block. The coolant comes out looking
    like VERY TASTY orange kool-aid. No crud or gunk whatsoever.

    It really doesn't look as if a flush is needed. Simply drain and refill.

    That's my 2¢ worth.
    Kirk Kohnen, Jun 13, 2004
  8. Jerry

    Oppie Guest

    Thanks for the 2¢ Kirk.
    I think that everybody has been talking about the green coolant so far.
    Evidently the Orange Dex-cool stuff is a totally different animal. I've got
    45K on my '01 LW300 and the dex-coolant is as clean looking as new.
    Unfortunately there is no cap on the radiator to view the condition of the
    core but all seems well otherwise.

    Oppie, Jun 14, 2004
  9. Jerry

    James1549 Guest

    I've got
    The "looks" of coolant can be very deceiving. You can not see the acidity level
    in coolant until it is too late.

    I change my coolant out every 2 years regardless if it is orange or green.

    I help maintain a fleet of vehicles for my company. We have found it better to
    drain and flush the dexcool and replace with the green.

    Since we switched to the green seveal years ago, we are replacing less intake
    manifold gaskets and see less water pump failures. Who knows.

    James1549, Jun 18, 2004
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