99 Sl1 fan blowing fuses? AC turns service light off? Huh?

Discussion in 'Saturn S-series' started by oh123, Apr 8, 2008.

  1. oh123

    oh123 Guest

    So i've got a 99 saturn that likes to blow the 30 amp fuse for the
    fan ....

    I noticed one day that the engine light came on; the one with the
    wrench, I believe, not the service engine soon light. So I started
    thinking about what could be wrong...then figured I wouldn't be able
    to figure it out right then anyway. so...later that day i turned on
    the a/c and the light goes off. wierd. figure it must be something
    with the fan. so i check the fuse. blown. replace it. blows it again
    within 10 minutes...engine light comes back on. so I turn the ac on-
    light goes off.

    Bottom line: A/C will turn the light off, replace the fuse gets the
    fuse blown. I have not tested the fan, although it spins fine without
    drag. Could it be it's pulling to much? I looked at the wires, and
    they don't seem shorted or anything. Any other ideas?
    oh123, Apr 8, 2008
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