'99 Saturn SC2 dies after being driven on longer trips

Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by Laurel Thomason, Nov 29, 2003.

  1. This is actually my bros. car. Occasionally on longer trips, say 2-3
    hours, the car will start to lose power and quit. After cooling for
    an hour or so it will work again.

    He's replaced the ignition coils and had the computer checked. Is
    this problem common? Has anyone seen this before?
    Laurel Thomason, Nov 29, 2003
  2. Laurel Thomason

    Dan Hicks Guest

    Well, many years ago the first thing one would think of when this
    problem occurred would be the gas cap. Old gas caps were vented to
    prevent a vacuum from forming in the gas tank and starving the
    engine, and sometimes the vent hole would get clogged. Now gas caps
    are sealed, and the tank is vented through the vapor recovery
    canister (in order to reduce the amount of gas vapor that is
    released into the atmosphere). In this case it could be that the
    gas vapor recovery canister is clogged, causing a vacuum over time.

    A simple test is to unscrew the gas cap a bit when symptoms start.
    If symptoms clear up when you do this then the vapor recovery
    canister or some of the related gorp needs service/replacement.
    Dan Hicks, Nov 29, 2003
  3. Laurel Thomason

    jeff may Guest

    any engine codes set? s-series saturns are notorious for solenoid valves
    burning out. egr vacuum solenoid and fuel canister purge solenoid should be
    replaced together because they are not really expensive and have roughly the
    same lifespan. coolant temp sensor affects fuel-air mixture and is relatively
    cheap and easy to replace also.
    jeff may, Dec 9, 2003
  4. back when cars were cars, and made here in the usa, with steel, gm in
    general, with hei distrubiter, i would look at the ingation moduel, but
    since its DIS i would look for an egr, problem, or a clog in the gas
    recovery system.. i have seen on ocasion, that a faulty fuel pump, was
    the culprit.. after it working for long periods of time, they loose
    suction power, thus losing engine performence.. might want to look and
    see if maybe the pump is getting old. ~b~
    Bryan Bottorff, Dec 9, 2003
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