97 SL2 radiator cooling fan problem

Discussion in 'Saturn S-series' started by dadaco, Apr 23, 2004.

  1. dadaco

    dadaco Guest

    The radiator cooling fan runs and keeps engine cool when the air
    conditioning A/C switch is turned on, but will not run and engine overheats
    when air conditioning A/C switch is turned off. I understand that the fan is
    supposed to run constantly when A/C compressor is engaged to move air
    through the condenser core. Any suggestions as to why the cooling fan will
    not run while A/C switched off.
    dadaco, Apr 23, 2004
  2. dadaco

    Lane Guest

    Define 'overheats'.

    How high does the needle go on the temp gauge?

    Lane [ l a n e @ p a i r . c o m ]
    Lane, Apr 23, 2004
  3. Your fan is not getting the signal to turn on. The signal comes from your
    coolant temperature sensor. Your car is 7 years old and this might need

    Unless you flush your radiator anually, it's not uncommon for this thing to
    fail. I'm pretty careful with my car and mine has failed finally at 10
    years / 156,000 miles. Saturn wants about $140 to change it.

    The coolant temp sensor costs between $15 and $20. The thermostat costs
    about $30-35.

    There's a difference between the thermostat, which regulates flow of coolant
    to the engine, and the coolant temp sensor.

    The temp sensor is what sends the signal to your fan to turn on and off.

    Chilton's manual shows how to replace the thermostat. Not sure about the

    Barry Schnoor, Apr 23, 2004
  4. dadaco

    Claudius Guest

    I recently have a problem on my SL2 1993. The fan start only when the temp
    reach the red zone on my gage. I changed my TCS ( Temperature coolant
    sensor ) and now he work fine.

    This sensor send the temperature to the PCM ( computer ) and an output on
    the PCM unit start the fan.


    Claudius, Apr 23, 2004
  5. ....with Dexcool you don't flush yearly (typically).
    Jonnie Santos, Apr 24, 2004
  6. No, GM says you don't have to because the EPA wants them to say that. I
    sure as hell wouldn't trust that dexcool stuff, given the troubles
    they've had with it....
    Philip Nasadowski, Apr 26, 2004
  7. ....yeah, I remember a while back on a coolant thread one guy mentioned
    getting the Dexcool out of his vehicles and using vanilla ethylene glycol
    and flushing regularly.
    Jonnie Santos, Apr 26, 2004
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