95 SL will not start

Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by SaturnHater, Aug 19, 2005.

  1. SaturnHater

    SaturnHater Guest

    I have a 95SL and now it will not start. One day I went on an errand and
    went inside to handle my buisness when I came out to start my gar it would
    not start it would sound as if it would start but it would not. After
    having it towed home my dad tryed starting it and no sounds would happen.
    We replaced the battery and still no change. I have had problems since I
    bought this car. I have had the engine replaced, a new transmission
    installed, a new radiator installed, a new altenator installed, also had
    to have a new pully installed because one broke. Along with those
    problems I have had to deal with the driver's side window not working and
    the radio go out after I bought a new one. I would be happy to all
    suggestions on this matter since this car has been the center of all the
    issues that my father and myself have had over the past five years. I have
    just spent so mush money on this car and it is heartbreaking to me that I
    now feel as though domestic cars are not good quality and my father is
    hurt when I told him this since he works for an American car company.
    Also if anyone could help me locate a good mechanic in the eastern
    Atlanta, Ga. area that is good with Saturns this would be most helpful as
    SaturnHater, Aug 19, 2005
  2. SaturnHater

    blah blah Guest

    Oh yeah all American cars are bad, all Saturns are bad, all of America
    turns out crap blah blah blah whine whine whine. Come back with better
    user name and a better attitude if you want help. From what I've read
    I'm hardly willing to lay blame on Saturn. I say someone did a lousy job
    of diagnosing and then done a lousy job of installing stuff that wasnt
    needed and additional stuff got broken and stressed.
    blah blah, Aug 19, 2005
  3. SaturnHater

    had2be Guest

    perhaps it's the timing belt or chain?
    had2be, Aug 19, 2005
  4. Having gone through the service manual on my dad's Honda, I'm amazed at
    the crap .jp is selling now. oh yeah, and a v6 with a timming belt
    that's smallet than the serpentine on most cars. Not to mention what a
    royal hack VTEC is, and what junk Honda automatics are...

    Someone recently pointed out to me - the Japanese are, as a whole,
    making the exact smae mistakes the US did in the 60's 70's 80's:

    * Relying on brand name image to sell.
    * Decreasing Q/C.
    * Poor/marginal design.
    * Arrogant asshole dealers (about 90% of the Honda ones around here)
    * Shit customer service at all levels.
    * Reluctance to order recalls - ask anyone with a late model 5 speed
    Honda automatic.
    * 'Toss away' products. If you rebuild the automatic in a late model
    Honda - and given they barely last 100,000 miles, it's a likelyhood -
    you have to replace the fucking computer in the car too. WTF!?!

    It's crazy - if GM/Ford/DCX/UAW could for once, just ONCE, get their
    fucking act together, they could seriously grab market share. That's
    how vulnerable the Japanese are in cars. Hell, they're even MORE
    vulnerable in electronics these days (witness the $5000 2 year lifespan
    bling bling plasma TVs...)
    Philip Nasadowski, Aug 21, 2005
  5. SaturnHater

    Oppie Guest

    It's a likelyhood -
    I have a crazy dream that there will someday be a generic computer for cars
    that will be adaptable to the existing harness, sort of the Linux idea with
    an open source. All code and hardware documented and customizable. (I am an
    electrical engineer and might yet do something like this)
    I am annoyed beyond belief that the car companies don't release the codes
    for doing more than reading out trouble codes and do not make them available
    to the service tool manufacturers. There was a bill before congress to force
    auto manufacturers to share all the diagnostic codes. I think it died in
    committee because it wasn't in the best interest of big business.
    Oppie, Aug 21, 2005
  6. SaturnHater

    blah blah Guest

    I had the exact same idea pop into my head once Oppie. One could come up
    with a programable brain and then make harnesses for different models.
    (use a usb port to program, tweak, & read) Something linux like would
    work so long as its doesnt have to boot up like a pc when you turn the
    key on. Old Flash Cards might make good memory for such a brain. They're
    used in robotics all the time and I think even on the Mars lander.

    I remember hearing of that.
    blah blah, Aug 21, 2005
  7. Yeah, but the EPA would burn you on a cross for it.

    Cars today all pretty much use speed density, AFAIK. just really
    conditioning the sensors inputs and all. hell, they've got it for
    automagic transm issions, though they all suck as far as i can tell.
    I'll roll my own tranny controller...
    I'm not surprised. Given a certain three letter agency
    *cough*EPA*cough* wants everyone to think that the car's 'computer is
    somehow magic and that if your 'check engine' light pops on, you're
    risking killing yourself if you don't drive immediately (at 15mph) to
    the nearest dealer...

    It's bad enough that the local DMV now sends brochures with your
    registration renewal explaining that the check engine light doesn't mean
    your car's about to explode...

    What's doubly annoying is the 'guilty unless repeattedly proven innocent
    at your expense' attitude of the EPA/state DMVs. I can't think of ANY
    other situation in the US where you're required to prove you're NOT
    creating a problem, over and over again, at your expense...
    Or in the interests of obfuscation and allowing carowners to know WTF is
    going on with their cars. Guess who else wants it to stay that way....
    Philip Nasadowski, Aug 21, 2005
  8. SaturnHater

    Oppie Guest

    Care to make a contribution to my pre-emptory defense fund?
    I wasn't kidding about this. It's just a logistics issue with me. Let the
    EPA burn me on their frigging cross. My feeling is that they help to protect
    the monopolies of big business. F that!
    OK, in all honesty I had a double scotch rocks about 1/2 hour ago and am
    feeling no pain...
    Oppie, Aug 28, 2005
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