94 SL2 inst cluster issues

Discussion in 'Saturn S-series' started by tm, Aug 3, 2009.

  1. tm

    tm Guest

    Thanks in advance for reading this over. My 94 SL2 5spd has been
    mechanically and electrically problem-free since I've owned it, except
    the old-school electro-mechanical odometer recently started clicking
    and grinding. So I fixed that, didn't have time yet to put all the
    dash trim back together, but all gauges working fine as they did
    before, and no annoying whirring from the ODO. Perfect for several
    short trips over the last week... until today my ODO, speedometer,
    tach and all the warning lights stopped working. I tried fiddling
    with the wiring connector but the gauges remain completely dead. The
    fuel and temp gauges, and the high beam/turn signal indicators work
    fine. Is there a separate fuse for some of the gauges? Any ideas
    are appreciated, my schedule makes it tough to troubleshoot from
    square one, and I can't afford a speeding ticket! Can I swap the
    whole cluster, and do all 91-94 gauges interchange? I know some DOHC
    had an oil pressure for a couple years. I have access to a first-gen
    auto SL1 parts car, unfortunately nothing exactly alike. Anyone have
    a resource for the wiring diagrams on different years? I don't have a
    factory service book for this year yet.

    tm, Aug 3, 2009
  2. There's the big ribbon connector on the back of the instrument cluster.
    You can get the symptoms you describe if the ribbon connector is just
    a little bit crooked when the cluster goes back in its spot. Pull the
    cluster forward and be sure the connector is completely seated and locked.
    David T. Johnson, Aug 21, 2009
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