8th Annual Saturn Performance Club Summer Rally 7/27-31

Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by Kevin M. Keller, Mar 11, 2005.

  1. The Saturn Performance Club is proud to announce our 8th Annual Summer
    Rally July 27th through the 31st.

    Unlike some of our past Rallies, we'll spend the entire event at one
    hotel in Joliet, IL.

    This year's events include Drag racing (both test & tune and bracket
    racing), Dyno testing, and a Lapping day at the new Autobahn Country
    Club. We'll end the week by crewing & spectating for the SPC / GF Racing
    '94 SC2 ITA car.

    For more information, including costs and preperation information, and to
    register, please visit http://www.saturnperformanceclub.com/rally.html

    Why should YOU attend the Rally?

    1 ). It is the first, and largest Saturn oriented performance gathering
    in the country. Now in our eigth year, we know how to make the Rally both
    fun and affordable for our attendees.
    2 ). Unlike previous Rally's that required cross country drives from
    facility to facility, this year all the events are within an easy drive
    of each other. Stay at the same hotel every night and get comfortable.
    3 ). Be among the first to drive the all-new Autobahn Country Club.
    Beautiful, brand new asphalt, fantastic technical sections and great
    attention to safety make this track truly memborable.
    4 ). On most local drag strip test and tune nights, you are lucky to get
    3 or 4 runs in and end up paying $20-30 For only $40 at the Rally you get
    private use of the facility for 3 hours. Most participants typically make
    more than 20 passes, and the highest recorded number currently stands at
    28. If you are serious about having fun at the drag strip, there is no
    better value.
    5 ). Typical dyno shops see V8's, imports or the odd drag race car. Roll
    in there with a Saturn and watch them scratch their head as they try to
    figure out how to safely and properly test your vehicle. The SPC has
    been testing with the experts at TMW dyno for 6 years and logged hundreds
    of runs on dozens of Saturns. For only $75 they will safely and properly
    test your car. With full data acquisition and wideband O2 available,
    they are the premier Saturn dyno tuning facility.
    6 ). If your schedule allows you to stay for the SPC/GF Racing qualifying
    and race you are in for a rare treat. Most SCCA races are closed to
    spectators, but we have added additional guests to our list to allow you
    to see the inner workings of the 2003 SCCA's Central Division Improved
    Touring Championship Team. From pre-qualifying car prepration and setup
    to the excitement of wheel to wheel racing, you get to see it all up
    close and personal.
    7 ). The discount that applies to all fees paid by SPC Senior members is
    enough to pay for your Senior membership, so now's the time to upgrade
    your member status for no extra cost
    8 ). You get to meet and interact with folks who have been tuning and
    racing Saturns for nearly 10 years. This is no flash in the pan "club".
    We are serious about Saturn performance and look forward to sharing our
    enthusiasm and knowledge with you!

    On behalf of the Rally Committee, and the Board of Directors, we look
    forward to seeing you there. (yes - YOU)
    Kevin M. Keller, Mar 11, 2005
  2. Kevin M. Keller

    marx404 Guest

    Wow sounds great! too bad it's in IL though too far from FL. I look fwd to
    seeing some pics on the Saturn Performance website in the near future.

    marx404, Mar 12, 2005
  3. Kevin M. Keller

    Lane Guest

    We've had people from Florida join us for the Rally before. I think "too
    far" is a relative term. :)

    Lane [ lane (at) evilplastic.com ]
    Lane, Mar 13, 2005
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