454,000+ miles on my 1997 SL1 now...

Discussion in 'Saturn S-series' started by Ed Sanders, Jan 8, 2006.

  1. Ed Sanders

    Ed Sanders Guest

    Well, this is the first time in many years I've been to this (or any other)
    newsgroup, just too busy.

    Anyway, for the record, I now have over 454,000 miles on my 1997 Saturn SL1.

    No a squeek or a rattle yet, and I pound this thing over logging roads and
    other back (gravel) roads in addition to long commutes.

    I bought the thing new in 1997. Have beat the crap out of it ever since.
    Ed Sanders, Jan 8, 2006
  2. Ed Sanders

    Private Guest

    Congratulations, you must be doing something right. Pilots would say
    "nicely done"

    A few questions please,
    5 speed?
    Clutch replaced? @mileage?
    Average load? (light-med-heavy?)
    How fast do you drive? Backroad RPM? Highway RPM?
    Front rotors & pads replaced # @?
    Rear brake shoes replaced # @?
    Oil change interval and consumption rate? @ 100,000mi 300,000mi & now?
    Components repaired or replaced, water pump alternator, horn, electrical
    Original radiator?
    Any collisions or frame/body/suspension problems? struts, ball joints
    Front suspension alignment and front tire wear?
    Tire life? regular rotation?
    Drivers seat and door hinges, lock and window crank?

    As to the most important question, do you run this engine slow or fast?
    What is your normal upshift RPM? and downshift RPM?

    Do you do your own maintenance?
    Do you anticipate soon needed repairs?
    How much more service do you expect to get?

    Private, Jan 8, 2006
  3. Ed Sanders


    May 27, 2020
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    St Louis, Mo
    You are getting there. I came over from Saturnfans since that forum seems to be shut down.

    '95 SL1
    709,000 as of this morning
    junk yard motor at 170k that had 35k on it.
    rebuilt a motor for it at 420k, junkyard motor still ran well but was getting noisy and the clutch needed to be replaced
    clutch replaced twice
    original trans short of axle seals
    original CV axles
    original rear wheel bearings
    struts at 250k and 500k
    replaced fuel pump once
    replaced original calipers, master cylinder, brake hoses at 650k
    front wheel bearings replaced 2x on pass side and 1x on drivers side
    upgraded to Saturn 15' steel wheels
    SL2 seats
    all original body panels except for the LF fender thanks to a deer.
    everthing works including a/c

    Rebuilt motor was built by me. Bored .020 over, reground crank, speedpro pistons, hastings rings. Mild port job on the head. Have been porting heads on hot rods for longer than I'd like to admit. Rebuild is closing in on 300k on it and goes 5k between oil changes and uses about a 1/2 pint. Average 38-40 mpg without a/c.

    Bought the car brand new off the dealers lot over Labor Day weekend 1994. Traded in our 1993 with 65k on it because the interest rates had dropped a bunch and doing so made the payment less.
    Highmile, May 27, 2020
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