2008 Vue check engine light

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by randydandy, Jun 21, 2024.

  1. randydandy


    Jun 21, 2024
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    Hello all,

    I bought a 2008 Vue 3.6L FWD with a 6-speed automatic several months ago. The previous owner was upfront about the fact it had thrown a CEL indicating the throttle position sensor was faulty. They replaced the sensor and were still getting an intermittent CEL. It never showed up for me and the car ran fine. Then a couple weeks ago, the TCS (traction control) and ESP (electronic stability) lights came on. I didn't think much of it at the time as it still ran fine. Then a couple days later, they came on and the CEL came on as well. The transmission would not shift out of third gear. I hooked up a code reader and it showed code P0716. I looked up the code and it said it could either be the ECM/PCM or the vehicle speed sensor. I let it sit overnight and it was fine again the next day. Then last night (a couple weeks later), the TCS and ESP lights came on again but no CEL. The transmission was still shifting, but it was a little rough. This time the code was P0700 which came up as the TCM (transmission control module).

    I'm doubtful that all of these sensors and modules are going bad at the same time, so I'm wondering at this point if it isn't the computer that is faulty. Does anyone have any thoughts?

    randydandy, Jun 21, 2024
  2. randydandy


    Jun 16, 2024
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    If mileage is well over 100k, draining xmission oil and replacing the xmission filter may help prolong xmission life. Electronically controlled xmissions tend to have their pressure control solenoids fail, intermittenly or outright. P0716 is the input speed sensor on the xmission. Wiring and sensors can fail after many years from age. The ecm and tcm tend to last and failures are infrequent. Wiring age from normal weathering and oxidized connections may contribute to intermittent problems. Be sure the main power system, battery, battery cables, their connections including two main grounds (battery to chassis, chassis to engine block) are clean and free of corrosion.since electrical power goes everywhere. The serpentine belt should not deflect easily with fingers, belt tensioner should not flap at engine idle (spring tension is around 50lbs). Loss of belt tension and/or alternator not outputting 14.5vdc may contribute to mystery issues.
    Nutjob1, Jul 14, 2024
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