2007 Saturn Vue vs 2008 Vue

Discussion in 'Saturn VUE' started by smith_bp101, Apr 2, 2007.

  1. smith_bp101

    smith_bp101 Guest

    I'm thinking about purchasing a VUE. After doing a little research, I
    find that Saturn is coming out with a whole new Vue for 2008. I've
    seen the pictures of it, and don't really care for the "euro" look and
    from what I've read, they will no longer use plastic panels. However
    is there any compelling reason to wait and purchase a 2008? I think
    I'm leaning towards the 2007 with the V6 (unless someone can convince
    me otherwise).

    When would be a good time to make a purchase if I decide on the 2007
    as far as rebates go? Baby is on the way so wife wants the back seat
    DVD and side airbags too.

    Thank you!
    smith_bp101, Apr 2, 2007
  2. smith_bp101

    Chuck Guest

    Maybe if you like your cars made in Mexico!;-)
    Re: Best time to buy a 2007 - that time has probably passed. The 0%
    financing ended.
    They're not building anymore cars in Spring Hill. Last chance for
    whatever is left in stock.
    Chuck, Apr 3, 2007
  3. smith_bp101

    BläBlä Guest

    Agreed, I see no reason to buy a Mexican/foreign made vehicle that cost
    as much as or more than when it was made here in the US. When it is made
    in the US again I'll endorse it.

    I did test drive a Vue and these are my thoughts on it.

    I test drove a 07 4 cyl automatic and was impressed. The 4 cylinder has
    plenty of get up and go IMO. I wouldnt get the v6 because I wouldnt want
    to fool with it. (Timing belt & water pump every 60k... hell with that)

    0-40 in the 4 banger was great, I didnt "floor it" but it did seem to
    get annemic above 40mph. About 2/3rds thottle was the most I gave it at
    any time however.

    Brakes were great. Handling was good.

    I'm 5'11' and I had plenty of leg room up front and in the back. I felt
    it was very roomy overall.

    The lumbar support in the front seats sucked. Personally I would open
    the seats up and stuff some supporting material in there if I owned one.
    (Hey theres an idea!)

    I drove up a slick muddy hill that was probably a 35 deg sloop give or
    take. The traction control worked great! I see no need for AWD at all.

    It does have some road noise and a cheapish interior but hell for the
    money I think the Vue is pretty darn good. None of that bugged me. The 4
    cyl Vue is honestly the only SUV I can or will endorse. Everything else
    out there is to costly, fuel hungry, or a PITA to work on...
    BläBlä, Apr 3, 2007
  4. smith_bp101

    marx404 Guest

    I'm on the fence with this one really. I saw and sat in the prototype 2008
    VUE. My 1st thoughts were that it looks like a Korean something or other,
    maybe a KIA. Unfortunately, I couldn't be more right. The '08 VUE is based
    upon the Opel Antara, which is being built by GM Daewoo Motors ,whom is
    owned by GM.


    What piqued my curiosity was when I read in this months Motor Trend mag
    about the '08 VUE being Korean built. Huh? So, knowing that it's AKA the
    Opel Antara, I researched it in Wikipedia. Hmm, so will this VUE be built in
    Mexico or Korea?

    I'm very excited about the Opel/Saturn; Euro/US marriage, but like I said,
    I'm on the fence about a Korean Saturn. My personal opinion is that GM
    should leave the Korean cars for Chevy ( - ex: Aveo). I can deal with a
    Mexican Beetle and Nissan, but not too pleased with a NAFTA VUE either. Hmm,
    that is "Like Never Before" now, isn't it?

    The only positive I imagine would be that GM Daewoo builds ok engines for
    many companies also and this will be a chain driven engine instead of a belt
    from what I understand. Just my 2 cents.
    marx404, Apr 4, 2007
  5. smith_bp101

    Chuck Guest

    Chuck, Apr 4, 2007
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