2007 Saturn Vue V6 power steering

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by blueglass, Aug 15, 2019.

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    Aug 15, 2019
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    A week ago on highway about 15 miles away from home the battery light came on then the service engine now light came both blinking off and on. Then I first lost cruise control, then the speedometer stopped working and lost the power steering. Noticed the air conditioner was not functioning very well. Found a place to turn around and came back with no air and still the battery light and service engine light were on, got home fine. Next morning (Friday) went over to local Chevrolet garage he checked the battery and alternator and every thing seemed to be fine. I told him what had happen and he had me turn on everything for load check still everything working fine. Mechanic went over to the ECM plugs and jiggled them and the engine shut off. He said bring it back next week on Tuesday and he would check out the ECM plug pins. I left the shop and did a little grocery shopping on the way home I lost first the power steering, all the dash lights & speedometer plus both battery and service engine light were again on. Got home and parked, tried to go to potluck at 530 pm and the car was deader than a door-nail. Tried jiggling plugs to no avail. Since I could not get the car to shop it was today before they could come get it and they were able to start the car by jumping the battery. Took to the shop and called me about 4:30 pm to come pickup they replaced the battery and cleaned the pins on the ECM plugs. He said he had let the engine run and turned everything on and did not have any issues. The total bill was $227.49 and I paid $115.00 I am on social security and will pay the balance next month. When I left I went and got gas and then just before I got home as I was turning the corner I lost the power steering and the service engine light came on and stayed on until I pulled into the garage. Of course I have to take back to the garage but what do you all think is going on?
    blueglass, Aug 15, 2019
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