2007 Relay 3.9L knk sensr code. Won't smog

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by ECMech58, Oct 6, 2022.

  1. ECMech58


    Oct 6, 2022
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    I'm helping a nieghbor track down why his Knk Sensor code P0332 wont clear.
    We replaced both sens 1 and sens 2 because they are cheap. Didn't fix it. Found a grd wire broken in the harness and sens 2 wire damaged. Repaired both those. Didn't fix it.
    Pulled PCM conn 2 did a voltage change on pins 6,7,8,9. Which are the wires for the knk sensors. 2.38 for the 5v ref voltage on both 7 and 9 (gry wires), 2.38 signal voltage on both 6 and 8 (l-blu and dk-blu).
    Engine sound fine, no discernable knock. Anyone have a clue. Don't want to dump the car. It's in good shape and still gets used regularly. But I gotta smog it to register it.
    ECMech58, Oct 6, 2022
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