2005 Vue 2.2L Oil Pan Removal

Discussion in 'Saturn VUE' started by Serrena, Nov 29, 2017.

  1. Serrena


    Nov 29, 2017
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    Hi, I could really use some guidance or an exploded view diagram of what I'm doing here. 2005 Vue 2.2L. I'm working in the blind.

    A diagram would be extremely handy. Any and all help is greatly appreciated.

    We took a rock to the oil pan causing it to leak out nearly all of the oil. I have not started the engine. It's up on a jack with jack stands.

    I drained all of the remaining oil and replaced the drain plug. I've ordered a new pan, but am unsure of all that I need to disconnect in order to cleanly drop the current oil pan. The oil drained out in the driveway.

    We were able to push it into the carport, but don't have the $$$ to tow it to a shop. Bottom line is I have to do this myself and don't want to disconnect anything I don't have to remove/disconnect. I think I'm ready to remove the loosened bolts from the oil pan, but want to make sure I'm not missing anything.

    I disconnected the negative battery terminal, removed one large bolt from the alternator mount, the bolt from the AC pump and the bolt holding dipstick tube up top. I've loosened the bolts on the bottom of the oil pan, removed the right splash guard to access the bolts up under there. I read that I would have to remove the motor mount to access these but was able to get up under there.

    Thank you in advance.
    Serrena, Nov 29, 2017
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