2004 Saturn Ion Ignition recalls repaired, now 9 months later car has same issues

Discussion in 'Saturn ION' started by MikieChris, Oct 19, 2018.

  1. MikieChris


    Oct 19, 2018
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    Towards the end of last year I took my Saturn to Simpson Chevrolet in Garden Grove, CA, to have the many recalls repaired. The dealer had my car six (6) weeks, and in addition to the recall items replaced, they did an additional $700 dollars in repairs. All at no charge to me. Now it's nine (9) months later and the car is experiencing the same problems?? My question is this?? Is GM responsible to repair it again at no charge?? And if so, who do I contact next?? please advise me..... I am at my wits end!!
    MikieChris, Oct 19, 2018
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