2003 VUE Oil filter change problem $&^%$!

Discussion in 'Saturn VUE' started by Ivanna Pee, Dec 3, 2006.

  1. Ivanna Pee

    Ivanna Pee Guest

    I have been changing the oil on my Vue since I bought it new. The last
    change I let the mechanic do it during a tuneup. Today I went to change
    it myself and when I turned the filter cap, the entire housing moved
    with it and separated from the block, and leaks. Now my car is in the
    driveway with no oil in it and Ill have to tow it. What the hell is
    this all about? Sure the mechanic over tightened it, but why would it
    separate from the block when I cranked on it? Now it is loose at the
    block and dripping and I have to have the damn thing towed. I love
    saturns, I've bought 3 new ones so far, 96 SL1, 03 VUE and an 06 ION.
    I've never had a major problem, but for something as simple as this
    ridiculous. Also the plastic cover of the oil filter on the ION is
    silly too. The size of the cover nut is 15/16 on the VUE and over an
    inch on the ION. Who is over-designing this simply and frequently used
    interface to the cars?
    Ivanna Pee, Dec 3, 2006
  2. Ivanna Pee

    Chuck Guest

    The same clowns who are under-designing the "ball" bearings in the
    Wheel Hub Assemblies!

    Re: your oil filter debacle - just more evidence that, "If you want it
    done right . . . "
    Is it just me, or is incompetence rampant nowadays!?
    Chuck, Dec 3, 2006
  3. Ivanna Pee

    BläBlä Guest

    Use a strap wrench to tighten the housing back on and hold it in place
    while you wrench the cap off. Make sure the oil filter housing seal is
    still doing its job.

    So tell me, did you like the oil on your exhaust pipe design more? ...
    BläBlä, Dec 3, 2006
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