2003 saturn vue v6 awd no crank no start

Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by RoeRocks77, Apr 5, 2022.

  1. RoeRocks77


    Apr 5, 2022
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    There is a long back story to this saturn of mine but ultimately i am at a stand still and ill be summarizing i hope and im praying someone out there will be able to help me
    Okay it started in october 2021 my alternator went out driving home one night i replaced it and i had a crank but no start condition that i finally solved a month later thanks to weather issues delaying me and my own girlness so to speak the solution was it had no gas in the tank which i totally forgot about having no gas on the way home that night....lmao....anyway it ran fine for about a month and then i had to replace the battery well i replaced it with one i already had and it ran fine for a couple weeks and it would sometimes start sometimes it would take a while but ultimately would start but would stall while i was driving to where i would get stranded places most times it would start back up right away but stall and shut off every few miles or so i had no codes it was throwing so by process of elimination i bought and changed out the crank shaft position sensor car still would crank but not start got brand new battery this time and i always had problems with my lock cylinder with the key falling out while driving have to wiggle when starting to get it to engage so i replaced that too. Now at this time i didn't know about signals to bcm to ecm from ignition etc so i never did the security recode so needless to say it would start but i only got to the end of the driveway which is a little shy of a mile and it died so i bought a ignition switch and assembly this last time because i thought i may have ruined it when trying to get my lock cylinder out it took me awhile and i wasn't gentle well i just got it put in yesterday with the brand new battery did the security relearn 30 minute procedure and now my car wont crank or start i have proper power all lights and electrical components work. I need help please someone tell me what im doing wrong.

    P.S. i dont know if this is anything to do with my problem but my sunroof leaks badly and i always have standing water on my floor boards lots pf condensation as well
    RoeRocks77, Apr 5, 2022
  2. RoeRocks77


    Oct 1, 2023
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    2003 Saturn Vue takes spells of not beginning. It won't wrench. Full Power yet no wrench. Unfasten battery for around 8 minutes it fires straight up
    sedtyh, Oct 9, 2023
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