2003 Saturn VUE Snow chains w/ P215/70R16

Discussion in 'Saturn VUE' started by Woody39, Dec 11, 2003.

  1. Woody39

    Woody39 Guest

    I just bought a Saturn VUE 4-cyclinder and plan to go to the snow at the end of the month.

    Has anyone used snow cables (chains) on their vue with Tire size P215/70R16???

    The user's manual says, If you have P235/XXRXX then do not use chains.....does this mean if I do not, I can use cables (chains)??
    Woody39, Dec 11, 2003
  2. Woody39

    cathy Guest

    I went through this same problem last month.

    If you stick your hand between the top of the front tires and the
    strut, you'll see there's barely enough room for a finger to fit in
    there, let alone any kind of tire chain. It's possible that a really
    thin, flat cable MIGHT fit through there, but I'm not sure I'd want to
    risk it.

    Saturn recommends something called a Spike Spider which is hideously
    expensive (about $400) which attaches to the outside wheel rim and
    extends to cover most of the tread, without interfering with the
    strut. I have no idea how well this would work.

    I ended up not using anything at all. I think it'll depend on how much
    snow you intend to drive in, and how often. I mean, it IS a four wheel
    drive vehcile, that should be enough for most adverse driving

    cathy, Dec 11, 2003
  3. Woody39

    Woody39 Guest

    My fault....I failed to mention something:

    My vue is a FWD, so something would be needed if the road gets realy snowie (is that a word?)

    You are correct, thought, not much clearance between the tire and the strut, I was just wondering if anyones has
    tried cables with it anyways and how it turned out. Cause those spyder things are expensive!
    Woody39, Dec 11, 2003
  4. Woody39

    Brigitte J. Guest

    chains.....does this mean if I do not, I can use cables (chains)??
    They work great. Yes, they are expensive, but if the law requires you to
    use chains, they are well worth the expense. They install in less than 5
    You're lucky your state doesn't require anything in the snow.

    I mean, it IS a four wheel
    Not if you live in California, where even 4wd vehicles require snow chains.

    Brigitte J., Dec 12, 2003
  5. Woody39

    Woody39 Guest

    Ok...I went ahead and tried it. With tire size P215/70R16 tire cables WILL work (this tire size is what comes with the 4-cyl). Worked greater, and only for $30 (no ABS on my model)

    NOTE: Only with tire size P215/70R16 calbes will work...
    Woody39, Jan 5, 2004
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