2003 L200 Tires & Road Noise

Discussion in 'Saturn L-series' started by Burt, Apr 29, 2005.

  1. Burt

    Burt Guest

    Seems like a lot of common problems with the Firestone tires (quick wear) on
    Saturns over the last few years. I've only got 25,000 miles on mine and
    alot of wear. More importantly, I've got more road noise that increases
    with the car speed and what feels like a tire balance problem when you get
    up to 70-75 miles per hour (vibrating steering wheel). I've rotated the
    tires a couple of times, but no improvement. While the tires have alot of
    wear, it's pretty even. I've never had a tire balance problem this early in
    the cars life (low mileage). Have any other late model Saturn owners
    experienced this noise and vibration issue? Any luck in getting any work of
    this nature done under warranty.
    Burt, Apr 29, 2005
  2. Burt

    Art Guest

    Tread wear is only one factor in buying tires. You want a tire that handles
    well and stops well and rides well and is quiet during its usable life. If
    I get that from a tire and it lasts only 25k miles, that's ok with me. A
    lot of those tires that last forever, suck the whole time.
    Art, Apr 29, 2005
  3. This was a common issue on 2002 & earlier vehicles, but I thought it was
    cleared up by 2003. You may want to investigate these TSB's:

    02-T-06 JAN 02 Suspension - Upper Strut Spring Seat Alignment
    00-T-72A JUL 02 Steering/Suspension - Alignment Spacer Update

    Port Kent, NY

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    Dana Rohleder, Apr 30, 2005
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