2003 ION front turn signal/marker light

Discussion in 'Saturn ION' started by NoSetFine, Jun 14, 2004.

  1. NoSetFine

    NoSetFine Guest

    I thought it just bunrned out, followed the directions to pull the bulb -
    only the glass came off in my hands, leaving the base of the bulb firmly
    *welded* to the socket assembly... digging it out broke the socket!

    The other side is now looking the same - you can see it has already melted
    and welded itself to the socket, but the light still works so far. I just
    setup an appointment to get it fixed - I trust they will agree it is a
    failure and not give me the run-around.

    Anyway - fyi.
    NoSetFine, Jun 14, 2004
  2. NoSetFine

    teem Guest

    Shit! mine better not do that!,maybe it's from those daytime running
    system,i never figured those out!,if you can see a car coming in
    daylight,you shouldn't be on the road.!!
    teem, Jun 16, 2004
  3. Re DR lights. I *hate* them. Gm triued to make it a standard feature a
    few years ago, and get a jump on everyone, and push the Feds, but it

    Areas where such a feature is actually useful, will have signs saying
    such. In CT, the sign at the beginning of the stretch tells you to turn
    them on, the sign at the end tells you to turn them off - and thanks you.

    It kinda works on motorcycles, but people ignore anything smaller than
    them on the road, so even there, it's not very useful.
    Philip Nasadowski, Jun 16, 2004
  4. Just a note, on at least the 2003 Ions with the automatic headlight system,
    you can actually turn the DRL's off anytime you want by setting the system
    into manual mode.

    Charles Paluda, Jun 17, 2004
  5. NoSetFine

    teem Guest

    I knew that!,it seems they (the park lights ) have a mind of their own.
    teem, Jun 20, 2004
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