2002 L300 Wagon 37000 miles

Discussion in 'Saturn L-series' started by Ed, Dec 28, 2004.

  1. Ed

    Ed Guest

    My wife and I are thinking of purchasing a used L300 wagon with 37000
    miles. The car looks to be in perfect condition. It also appears to
    have been flat towed behind an RV because of the hookups on the front of
    the car. The dealer is asking 11888 for the car. Does this seem to be
    a good price? It is equipped with the 3.0 V6 and if pretty loaded. Any
    opinions on this vehicle would also be appreciated.
    Ed, Dec 28, 2004

  2. What year? Does it come with a maintenance log of all work performed?


    tom @ www.CarFleaMarket.com
    newsgroups01REMOVEME, Dec 29, 2004
  3. Ed

    Ed Guest

    Sorry forgot to state that it is a 2002. No maintenance log.
    Ed, Dec 29, 2004
  4. Ed

    marx404 Guest

    Hmm, isnt your post topic "2002 L300 Wagon 37000 miles"?

    If the car drives good and your dealership can provide you with both a
    Carfax and Service Records, its a definate buy. That is a nice car. If no
    maintenance record, then ask if the car has been run thru the shop at Saturn
    (I assume its a Saturn dealership?) If not, and no Carfax or Serv, Record is
    available, save your money, you might be buying trouble. If they can provide
    you with satisfactory information, then its worth checking out.

    marx404, Dec 29, 2004
  5. Hey, some of us only have a public school education! Don't pick on
    me. :p
    marx404, Good advice.


    tom @ www.ChopURL.com
    newsgroups01REMOVEME, Dec 29, 2004
  6. Ed

    Art Guest

    My parents have a 2004. I find the steering pretty numb at the straight on
    position and the low end acceleration weak. There are very few wagons out
    there but you might want to check for used Subaru Legacy's and compare
    before buying. Also the PTCruiser is another potential choice. Given a
    second chance I doubt my parents would buy the L300 wagon again. The
    placement of the power window controls in the middle and the confusing
    choice of the back window controls which look like the front lock controls
    are something they have never gotten used to.
    Art, Dec 29, 2004
  7. Ed

    Oppie Guest

    I've had my '01 lw300 now for a year (it's going in tomorrow to Saturn for
    the NY state inspection). Got mine with 40K miles having come off of a
    lease. Paid about 10K for a loaded car that originally went for 23K.
    All told, no complaints and the car is fun to drive.
    I did have a few hiccups - while under 60 day waranty, noticed that the
    traction control/ ABS lights did not com on at engine start Dealer wound up
    replacing the Body control module (one of the computers). Also had to
    replace the canister vent solenoid at 50K miles. That I did myself with the
    help of a code reader and the factory service manual (www.helminc.com)
    Manual was $140 and the soleniod was $20.

    While in the shop tomorrow I'm going to ask whether they can reprogram the
    liftgate latch to stay unlocked until the doors are locked. Currently
    liftgate stays unlocked for 2 minutes or until the first time it is opened.
    The other item that is slitly disconcerting is the cruise control. I was
    going the other day at about 50mph on a flat road with the cruise control
    on. Tach showed about 1500 rpm and it was in top gear with the torque
    converter locked up. (so far so good). The road took a slight rise and the
    speed started to fall off then BAM, torque converter unlocks, transmission
    downshifts 2 gears and rpm goes to 5K. It plastered me against the seat back
    but tapered off when it got back to 50mph. Not exactly the optimal control
    algorithm but it hasn't shown any fault codes. Will let Saturn figure this
    one out. In the mean time, I just use cruise control on level ground.

    Oppie, Dec 30, 2004
  8. IMO, I feel a used LW300 is probably the best wagon for your money right
    now. I leased my 2002 for 3 years and ended up purchasing it at lease end
    because I can't find a better wagon for under $30k. I will say that I had it
    in the shop several times in the first year or two to fix recall & other
    warranty issues. However, since about 25k miles, I have had NO problems - I
    now have a little over 50k on it now. I feel the engine is very strong
    compared to the 4 cyl. but my gas mileage only averages ~24mpg in daily
    highway (hilly) driving, and with a good tailwind on a flat interstate, I
    can squeeze out the advertised 29 mpg.

    The best kept secret is the handling package that comes with the LW300 - it
    handles very well, which makes the Firestone Affinities the weak link on the
    car. If at all possible, have them install anything other than the Firestone
    Affinities that they usually put on them. They are junk - bad traction and
    short tread life. If you live in snow country, I would recommend Nokian WR
    A.W.P. 2 All-season tires.

    Make sure TSB# 00-T-72A has been performed, or you are likely to get
    irregular tire wear/noise in the rear. I would also recommend purchasing or
    negotiating at least 1 year warranty in case there are some issues still
    lurking in the car. I have included a list of TSB's & recalls for the
    vehicle that I got from ALLDATA.

    Automotive Recalls and Technical Service Bulletins for 2002 Saturn LW300
    V6-181 3.0L DOHC VIN R SFI.
    Provided by ALLDATA

    Bulletins for 2002 Saturn LW300 V6-181 3.0L DOHC VIN R SFI
    Service Bulletins
    TSB Number Issue Date TSB Title 04-01-37-005 MAY 04 A/C -
    Compressor Noise at Start-Up
    04-02-35-008 APR 04 Steering - Clunk From Front of Vehicle When
    04-06-01-011 APR 04 Engine - Torque/Clearance Specifications
    04-08-44-008 APR 04 Entertainment System - Diagnostics/Service
    04-07-30-020 APR 04 A/T - SES Lamp ON/DTC P1811 Set
    04-06-01-010 APR 04 Engine - Blue Smoke at Start-Up
    04-03-10-003 APR 04 Wheels - Normal Chrome Clad Wheel Clicking
    04-06-04-008 MAR 04 Engine Controls - SES Lamp ON/DTC P0135/P0155
    04-06-01-004 MAR 04 Engine Mount - Engine Support When Servicing
    03-08-44-019A FEB 04 Audio System - Ticking Noise/CD Won't Eject
    04-01-39-001 FEB 04 A/C - Automatic Temperature Control
    04-08-42-001 JAN 04 Lighting - Apparent Head/Instrument Panel Lamp
    02-06-05-004A JAN 04 Emissions - Catalytic Converter Damage/Misfire
    Codes Set
    03-01-39-015 DEC 03 A/C - Defrost Operation Manual Revision
    03-08-44-016A DEC 03 Audio System - CDs Skip in Single CD Player
    03-05-24-001 DEC 03 Brakes - Wheel Cylinder Inspection
    03-08-49-022 DEC 03 Instruments - Erratic Fuel Gauge Readings/No
    01-T-51 NOV 03 Locks - Lock Cylinder and Key Service
    03-01-39-014 NOV 03 A/C - Control Head Replacement
    03-08-43-005 OCT 03 Wipers/Washers - Low Washer Solvent Flow From
    03-08-56-002 SEP 03 Antitheft System - Security Telltale Lamp
    ON/DTC B2960
    03-08-44-017 SEP 03 Audio System - Diagnostic Modes/CD Load
    03-06-04-044 SEP 03 Engine Controls - DTC P1516 Diagnostic Chart
    03-06-04-043 SEP 03 Fuel System - SES/Reduced Power Lamps ON/DTC's
    03-01-39-012 JUL 03 A/C - Unpleasant Odors on Vehicle Start Up
    01-06-01-011A JUL 03 Engine - Oil Consumption Information
    03-08-44-010 JUL 03 Audio System - Cd Player Won't Load/Play/Eject
    03-08-49-011 JUL 03 Interior - Console Arm Rest Rubs Lumbar
    Adjuster Knob
    03-08-66-007 JUN 03 Body - Tailgate Release Button Operation
    02-T-23 JUN 03 Electrical - Low/Muffled Tone From Horn
    03-07-31-004 JUN 03 M/T - Hydraulic Clutch Bleeding Procedure
    99-00-91-002D JUN 03 Tires/Wheels - Steering Wheel Shake/Vibration
    03-01-39-002A MAY 03 A/C - Automatic Climate Control Malfunctions
    03-06-01-014 MAY 03 Engine - Crank Hub Bolt Tool Usage Update
    03-06-01-015 MAY 03 Engine - Oil Pump Gasket Sealer Removal Update
    03-08-50-010 APR 03 Interior - Power Driver Seat Inoperative
    03-08-44-007 MAR 03 Audio System - Electrical Noise Heard Through
    03-06-04-016 MAR 03 Engine Controls - ECM Connector Locations
    03-08-53-001 MAR 03 Interior - Defroster Grille Popping Noise
    03-06-03-006 MAR 03 Starting System - Intermittent No Crank/No
    03-03-10-003 MAR 03 Tires/Body - R/H Front Tire Contacts Wheel
    House Liner
    03-01-39-002 FEB 03 A/C - Poor Automatic Temperature Control
    03-06-01-004 FEB 03 Engine - Revised Oil Pump Bolt Torque
    97-T-04A JAN 03 Cooling System - Coolant Discoloration
    03-T-03 JAN 03 Interior - Seat Covers Loose or Torn
    02-T-87 DEC 02 Entertainment System - DVD Player Won't Accept
    02-T-86 DEC 02 Heating/Cooling System - Auxiliary Water Pump
    02-T-75 OCT 02 A/C - R-134A Refrigerant Dye Usage
    02-I-01A AUG 02 Entertainment System (Rear Seat) -
    02-T-62 AUG 02 Wiper System - Redesigned Linkage/Service
    02-T-58 JUL 02 Entertainment Devices - DVD Screen Won't Latch
    00-T-72A JUL 02 Steering/Suspension - Alignment Spacer Update
    02-T-44 JUN 02 A/T - Line Pressure Control Solenoid Service
    02-T-43 JUN 02 Differential - Ring Gear Service Procedure
    02-T-48 JUN 02 Engine Controls - MIL ON/DTC's P0171/P0174 Set
    02-T-42 JUN 02 Interior - Defroster Grille, Squeak/Rattle/Poor
    02-T-46 JUN 02 Power Steering - Noise/Leak Diagnosis
    02-I-07A JUN 02 Timing Belt - Coolant Contamination Update
    02-T-26 MAY 02 Battery Cables - Service Manual Update
    02-T-27 MAY 02 Door Glass (Rear) - Inoperative/Erratic
    02-T-37 MAY 02 Engine Oil Cooler - New Sealant
    02-T-23 APR 02 Horn - Intermittently Low/Muffled or No Tone
    02-T-18 APR 02 ONStar(R) System - Cannot Send/Receive Cellular
    02-T-19 APR 02 OnStar(R) - Communication/Interface Module
    02-T-17 MAR 02 ECM - SES Lamp ON/DTC P0130/P0150 Set
    02-T-16 MAR 02 Thermostat Housing/Seal/Bolts - Design Change
    01-T-01A FEB 02 Exhaust System - Vibration/Boom at Idle With
    A/C ON
    02-T-10 FEB 02 M/T - Clutch Pressure Plate Bolt Update
    02-T-12 FEB 02 Timing Belt - Identification/Correct Service
    02-I-02 JAN 02 Dash Panel Insulator (Lower) - Production
    02-T-05 JAN 02 Seat Cushion Cover/Pad - Removal/Installation
    02-T-06 JAN 02 Suspension - Upper Strut Spring Seat Alignment
    01-T-57 NOV 01 Air Bag System - Wrong Part Number Stamped on
    SIR Coil
    01-T-55 NOV 01 Cruise Control - Diagnostics Update
    01-T-56 NOV 01 Engine Controls - DTC P0031, P0621, P1637
    01-T-49 OCT 01 A/C - Outside Air Temperature Sensor Update
    01-T-52 OCT 01 Brakes - Rattle Noise From Rear of Vehicle
    While Driving
    00-T-66A OCT 01 Engine - Oil/Coolant Leaks
    99-T-36A AUG 01 Body - Rear License Plate Rattles on Rough
    00-T-41A AUG 01 Body - Water Leaks into The Interior & Cargo
    97-T-40A AUG 01 Engine Cooling System - Sealer Usage
    01-T-34 AUG 01 Front Brake Rotor - Thickness Specifications
    99-T-69B AUG 01 Interior - Rattling From Headliner Area
    01-T-38 AUG 01 Radio/Stereo/CD Player - Service Manual Update
    01-T-06A AUG 01 Rear Bumper Fascia - Misaligned

    Dana C. Rohleder
    Port Kent, NY

    "It's a time of sorrow and sadness when we lose a loss of life." G. W.
    Bush-Washington, D.C., Dec. 21, 2004
    Dana Rohleder, Jan 1, 2005
  9. Ed

    Steph Guest

    Hey we have a 2001 LW200 and have enjoyed it much. We opted for manual
    transmission and heated leather interior.

    If you find out anything regarding the trunk latch please post back,
    that is so annoying to remember to toggle the locks in the car before
    moving the to rear hatch to open it. If the car is unlocked, I want the
    WHOLE car unlocked. <g>
    Steph, Jan 5, 2005
  10. Ed

    Oppie Guest

    They reprogrammed the BCM to fix the cruise control problem and that seems
    to have made a big improvement. The accelerator pedal also seems to be not
    as touchy coming off an idle as it was before.
    A friend with a '03 Vue reported the same problem with the cruuise control
    and is now looking into the 'fix'.

    I asked the service writer about the liftgate latch issue (especially since
    it is controlled by the BCM that they were already messing with). He didn't
    have an answer off the top of his head and said that he'd have to look into
    it. This was on the Thursday before New Years and the shop was very busy.
    Bottom line, I'll have to take it in later for them to look at it (and shell
    out) again. I'll try to get an answer one way or the other if they can
    reprogram the latch first since there has been contradicting information
    posted about the liftgate latch.
    Oppie, Jan 6, 2005
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