2001 SL1 transmission swap

Discussion in 'Saturn S-series' started by lounsbmw, Jan 18, 2018.

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    Jan 18, 2018
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    Greenwood, NY
    I am looking into a transmission swapping project. Here is the situation. I had a 2002 SL1 that during a snow storm teenager slid off the road and damaged the rear of the car. Pretty much beyond repair. The engine and automatic transmission are in great condition along with many new front driveline and suspension parts recently. I was given a 2001 SL1 that has a bad 5 speed manual transmission. The body on the 2001 is in great condition being a southern car. My options are to just get a 5 speed manual and place into it (teenager doesn't really want to learn to drive a standard) or swap in the automatic from the wrecked car. I have done the manual to automatic on other car makes, just not a Saturn. Have changed engines and like transmissions. Will I have to have the PCM reprogrammed to swap them? I plan on swapping the engine and transmissions together as a unit. So essentially the PCM will still be with the same engine/transmission, but not the same body control module. What issue will I run into there? The 2001 has power windows, sunroof, cruise control, etc. where the 2002 was basic model with hand crank windows and no power anything.
    lounsbmw, Jan 18, 2018
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